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to refer to distinctive features the structure of sea water in which there are 92 chemical elements. All these factors have a good influence on respiratory and cardiovascular systems, on thermoregulation and metabolism, raise vitality. The history has kept numerous certificates on uniqueness of properties of medical mud, for example, in memoirs of outstanding writers Ostap Vishnya and Nikolay Ostrovsky which were patients of the Berdyansk sanatorium. Even earlier, more than two thousand years ago


grew up in Nizhyn (''Nezhin''), under the care of his grandparents. His mother had wanted an advanced education, and so she was frequently away taking courses in Kiev. He grew up a lonely child with few friends, but he proved a good student, especially in mathematics. In 1916 his mother married Grigory Mikhailovich Balanin, an electrical engineer, and Grigory proved a good influence on the child. Grigory moved the family to Odessa in 1917, after getting a job with the regional railway. left thumb LOT's acquisition of long-range Boeing 767 airliners allowed it to reposition itself as a transit airline. (Image:PLL LOT Boeing 767-300ER Poznan 2.jpg) In 1990 LOT's third Boeing 767-300 landed at Warsaw Chopin Airport and not long after Boeing 737 and ATR 72 aircraft were acquired for use on LOT's expanded route network, which began to include new international destinations such as Kiev, Lviv, Minsk and Vilnius. Soon thereafter, in 1993, LOT began to expand its Western-European operations, inaugurating, in quick succession, flights to Oslo, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, operations at Poland's other regional airports outside Warsaw were also duly expanded around this time. Biography Feldman was born in Brooklyn, New York City into a family of Russian (Russians)-Jewish immigrants from Kiev. His father was a manufacturer of children's coats. Ross 2006. Hirata 2002, 131. As a child he studied piano with Vera Maurina Press, who, according to the composer himself, instilled in him a "vibrant musicality rather than musicianship." Zimmermann 1985, 36. Feldman's first composition teachers were Wallingford Riegger, one of the first American (United States) followers of Arnold Schoenberg, and Stefan Wolpe, a German (Germany)-born Jewish composer who studied under Franz Schreker and Anton Webern. Feldman and Wolpe spent most of their time simply talking about music and art. Gagne, Caras 1982. On 3 February 1923 Sovnarkom approved plans for the expansion of the Red Air Fleet, and it is this date which was officially recognised as the beginning of civil aviation in the Soviet Union. After a resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Enterprise for Friends of the Air Fleet (ODVF) was founded on 8 March 1923, followed by the formation of Dobrolet (Dobrolyot) ( Commons:Category:Kiev WikiPedia:Kiev Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Kyiv Oblast Kyiv

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