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under a specific genre, blending ambient (Ambient music), electronic (electronic music), and jazz. The Dining Rooms are Stefano Ghittoni and Cesare Malfatti. Asteroid '''9121 Stefanovalentini''' was discovered on 24 February 1998 by Silvano Casulli at the Colleverde Observatory in Italy. It is a main belt asteroid. It is named in honor of Italian amateur astronomer (amateur astronomy) Stefano Valentini


of 1994 1994 , and subsequently topped (chart-topper) the U.S. (United States) Billboard Hot 100 chart (record chart). It also reached number one in Australia and New Zealand, and number four in the UK Singles Chart. '''Rob Dougan''', also known as '''Rob D''' (born 1969 Sydney, Australia), is a genre-blending music composer.

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