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Ulan Bator

alumnus and entrepreneur Billy "BD" Downs and his wife after a visit to a similar restaurant in London. The restaurant is headquartered in Royal Oak, Michigan and currently has 37 locations, mostly concentrated in the northern Midwest (Midwestern United States). In May 2005, BD's opened a franchise in Ulan Bator, as the first American-franchised restaurant in Mongolia. Charitable activities - Wrestling (Wrestling at the Friendship Games) <


Gymnastics Rhythmic gymnastics People's Republic of Bulgaria Bulgaria

United States

championships, since 1976 and has hosted junior college football bowl games, wrestling, track and field, softball, concerts and conventions. Hospitalization and release of survivors By 2 November 2000, 40 passengers and crew were hospitalized, of whom 11 were later released that night. "News Release 9," ''Singapore Airlines'' On 5 November 2000, 34

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