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, Minas Gerais settled on the banks of the Ribeirão Capoeirão. There he set up a saw mill and began to divide the land that he had acquired from João Pires, hoping to start a new town. In 1925 the settlement was elevated to the category of district of Anápolis and in 1928 a road was opened connecting it to Anápolis and Inhumas. In 1958 it became a municipality on its own taking the name of Damolândia honoring its founder. History The history of Damolândia began in 1918


of Gabrijel Jurkić from Vienna Academy kept in Gorica museum in Livno alt caption TBF members in concert at Močvara club in Zagreb in November 2009, when they recorded their live album ''Perpetuum Fritule''. image_size company_type Public (Public company) foundation Zagreb, Croatia (1950) founder The first railway line opened in the kingdom was the Zidani Most-Zagreb-Sisak route


on November 4, Taipei on November 6 and Bangkok on November 8. The Beijing show, originally scheduled for November 2, was cancelled by the promoters on October 25 due to "technical and production issues".

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