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Youngstown, Ohio

(now Carnegie Mellon University), where he studied structural engineering and played football. Early years Dove was born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States, a steel-production center located near the Pennsylvania border. Dove was a three-year starter at the city's South High School from 1936–38; and he was selected as an all-city player by the ''Youngstown Vindicator'' (the local daily paper) in his final year.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

;Goldberg: A David in Goliath's Shoes" , ''Washington Post (The Washington Post)'', December 9, 1999. and graduated from Tulsa Edison High School (Edison Preparatory School). Crevar, Alex "Goldberg Rules the Ring", University of Georgia He acquired a love for football early in life and was a bouncer (bouncer (doorman)) at age 16. birth_date

Republic of Ireland

hybrid of Gaelic football and Australian rules football. Early life Stynes was born in Dublin, Ireland (Republic of Ireland), the eldest son of Brian and Teresa and one of six siblings http: tabid 7415 default.aspx?newsid 131050 and grew up in Rathfarnham

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