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street food, such as Turkish Kebab. As elsewhere in Asia, Karaoke is popular with both young and old crowds. Food and symbolism Many of the city's local favorite dishes are based on ducks, including nanjing salted duck, duck blood and vermicelli soup, and duck oil pancake. The radish is also a typical food

representing people of Nanjing, which has been spread through word of mouth as an interesting fact for many years in China. According to, "There is a long history of growing radish in Nanjing especially the southern suburb. In the spring, the radish tastes very juicy and sweet. It is well-known that people in Nanjing like eating radish. And the people are even addressed as 'Nanjing big radish', which means they are unsophisticated, passionate and conservative. From health perspective, eating radish can help to offset the stodgy food that people take during the Spring Festival". WikiPedia:Nanjing commons:南京


-962-201-914-0 year 2001 accessdate 27 February 2011 and the variety of food representing different ethnicities is seen by the government as a symbol of its multiculturalism.

United States

is the primary developer and grower of genetically modified food, representing half of the world's biotech crops. Consumer spending comprises 71

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