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. There's also a middle school in Gaithersburg, Maryland called Roberto W. Clemente Middle School *'''Tunnel'''—Various New England areas. *'''Wedge''' (served between two wedges of bread)—Prevalent in Yonkers, New York and other parts of Westchester County, New York, The Bronx, Putnam County, New York and other portions of Upstate New York, as well as lower Fairfield County, Connecticut. Bonar, Julia. food articles 2005 06 01


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origin in the city of Bangalore, it has a restaurant located on the Lal Bagh Road in Bangalore and Gandhinagar area as well and also for the pre-packed food articles which are sold in packets having the MTR brand. MTR also claims to be the inventor of the popular South-Indian breakfast item, Rava idli. thumb left 250px A lady on glass etching on the staicase of Mavalli Tiffin Room,in Bangalore (Image:Lady on glass.jpg) MTR restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant located in Bangalore, India. It was founded in 1924. It has also been featured on television in the travel-related series, ''Globe Trekker''. It is said that once a Chief Minister of Karnataka stood in a queue to have masala dosa at this restaurant. An article on the changes in the MTR Foods division is provided by Commons:Category:India Wikipedia:India Dmoz:Regional Asia India


: ae food articles 2004 09 01 it_was_love_but_now_its_gone title It was love, but now it's gone first Clea last Simon work The Boston Globe date 2004-09-01 accessdate 2007-08-10 ). ---- 1. ''Shinden'' (寝殿), 2. Kita-no-tai (北対), 3. ''Hosodono'' (細殿), 4. Higashi-no-tai 東対, 5. Higashi-kita-no-tai (東北対) 6. Samurai-dokoro (侍所), 7. Watadono (渡殿), 8. Chūmon-rō (中門廊), 9. Tsuridono (釣殿) '''Shinden-zukuri''' (寝殿造) refers to the style of domestic architecture


;ref name britannica Canada Per capita, Canadians (Canada) consume the most doughnuts, and Canada has the most doughnut stores per capita. The unofficial national sugary snack

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