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District Municipality of Muskoka

across Lake Couchiching. They walked up the Colonization Road to Gravenhurst, where they vacationed. They liked what they saw and repeated the journey every year, bringing friends and relatives. These early tourist pioneers increased demand for transport services in the region. People were drawn by excellent fishing, natural beauty, and an air completely free of ragweed, providing relief for hay fever sufferers. Early tourists built camps, but were joined by others desiring better


View of the port thumb Ushuaia Harbor (File:Ushuaia Harbor Photo by Sascha Grabow.jpg) The main economic activities are fishing, natural gas and oil (Petroleum) extraction WikiPedia:Ushuaia Commons:Ushuaia


square meters. Equipped with car parks, kiosks, bar and snack bar, the park offers many attractions, divided in seven different areas: sports, nautics, fishing, natural wood, public orchards, ecologic sanctuaries and zoo. Here, over one thousand animals from 80 species can be seen: birds from all over South America, reptiles and mammals from many different origins, kept in an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat. * '''Passaúna Park''', Eduardo Sprada Street, s n° – Augusta

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