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Democratic Republic of the Congo

working in the Congo Free State. *''Through the Dark Continent'' by Henry Morton Stanley. An 1878 book documenting his trip down the Congo River. *''King Leopold's Ghost'' by Adam Hochschild. A non-fiction popular history book which examines the activities of Leopold and the men who ran the Congo Free State. A best-seller with 400,000 copies printed since publication in 1998. It is the basis of a 2006 documentary of the same name. *''Blood River:A Journey to Africa's Broken Heart'' by Tim Butcher


the editor-in-chief. As editor, he adopted the hard-line stance to publish works by proletarian authors rather than literary leftists. Endorsing what he called “proletarian literature,” Gold was influential in making this style of fiction popular during the depression years of 1930s. His most influential work, Jews Without Money, a fictionalized autobiography about growing up in impoverished Manhattan, was published in 1930. doi accessdate 2008-07-27 are Muslim, 91% in Kosovo, and 30% of them in Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia) are Muslim. Bosnia has a Muslim plurality. In transcontinental countries such as Turkey 99%, and 93% in Azerbaijan Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Moscow Commons:Category:Moscow Wikipedia:Moscow


nationality Russian (USSR) genre Science fiction, Popular science, Ufology Dissolution and legacy With the fall of Soviet Union (Dissolution of the Soviet Union), Border Troops formations in most Soviet republics became border guards of the respective independent states. These new guards mostly changed their name and subordination. The new states of Armenia and Tajikistan are unique exceptions. Tajikistan's border with Afghanistan was guarded by the Russian Border

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