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Whitehorse, Yukon

Minas , Brazil Notable residents *Robert W. Service known as The Bard of the Yukon for his famous poems The Shooting of Dan McGrew, The Cremation of Sam McGee and many other depicting the Gold Rush (Klondike Gold Rush) and the special atmosphere of the Klondike. Robert Service was transferred at Whitehorse branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce in Dawson City in 1904. In Whitehorse Robert Service found the genuine inspiration that inspired his famous poems. Robert


are known by their warfare with the peoples of the Northern Caucasus including Chechens, Kists, and people of Dagestan. Due to the complexity and the lack of industrialization of the Greater Caucasus, the Northern caucasian tribes used to attack and rob mountain-dwelling Georgians. Well-known Georgian poet Vazha Pshavela described the warfare of the Khevsurs in his poems. One of his most famous poems is ''Aluda Ketelauri'', a young Khevsur, famous of his warrior skills and bravery

Ming dynasty

of mounting masts and sails onto carriages (Wheelbarrow#Chinese sailing carriage), just like Chinese ships (Junk (ship)). Needham (1965), Volume 4, Part 2, 276. Gonzales de Mendoza (Juan González de Mendoza) also mentioned this a year later— noting even the designs of them on Chinese silken robes —while Gerardus Mercator (1512–94) featured them in his atlas, John Milton (1608–74) in one of his famous poems


was one of the most noted Tang dynasty poets; during the Lushan-Shi Siming Rebellion (An Lushan Rebellion), he left Xi'an (then Chang'an) to take refuge in Chengdu. With the help from his friends, the thatched cottage was built along the Huanhua Stream in the west suburbs of Chengdu, where Du Fu spent four years of his life and produced more than 240 now-famous poems. During the Song dynasty, people started to construct gardens and halls on the site of his thatched cottage to honor his life and memory. Currently, a series of memorial buildings representing Du Fu's humble life stand on the river bank, along with a large collection of relics and various editions of his poems. Ancient Shu civilization Jinsha Ruins The Jinsha Ruins are the first significant archeological discovery in China this millennium and were selected in 2006 as the key conservation unit of the nation. The Jinsha Relics Museum is located in the northwest of Chengdu, about Commons:Category:Chengdu Wikipedia:Chengdu Dmoz:Regional Asia China Sichuan Chengdu

Austrian Empire

, something Golescu first attempted in 1828. Publishing articles in both Romanian and French (French language), ''Curierul Românesc'' had, starting in 1836, its own literary supplement, under the title of ''Curier de Ambe Sexe''; in print until 1847, it notably published one of Heliade's most famous poems, ''Zburătorul''. Giurescu, p.125, 126; Măciucă, p.XI–XII ''Curierul Românesc'' was edited as a weekly, and later


", where she and Alberto Favero, musical partner and at that time husband, wrote some of the most famous poems of Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti to music. '''Rampla Juniors Fútbol Club''', usually known simply as '''Rampla Juniors''' is an Uruguayan football (football (soccer)) club based in Montevideo. '''Montevideo Wanderers Fútbol Club''', usually known simply as '''Wanderers''' is a Uruguayan football (football (soccer)) club based in Montevideo


'' and One of his most famous poems appeared as a cover photo of "Pen International".


. They separated permanently in 1942, and Frances Bellerby became a serious poet. She settled in Cornwall and later in Devon, producing poetry, short stories, and another novel. During the 1950s she learned she was suffering from breast cancer, but she survived another twenty years, though in poor physical and mental health. Her papers are now held by the library of the University of Exeter.she has written many poems her one of the most famous poems was Voices. He was an active English


first parish he found inspiration for many of his most famous poems, like ''den gamle Mester'' (The Old Master) and ''Sæterjentens Søndag'' (Sunday at the Mountain Pastures). In 1863 he moved to Drammen and became parish priest of Bragernes, then in 1870 he moved again to Vestre Aker, close to Christiania (Oslo). In 1875 he became Bishop in the Diocese of Agder, based in Kristiansand. He was a much beloved bishop, and his teaching had a great impact on his


Weekly, Banipal, Times Literary Supplement, ''Modern Poetry in Translation'' and One of his most famous poems appeared as a cover photo of "Pen International".

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