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* Video of suicide attack in Colombo, targeting Minister Douglas Devananda. Ministry of Defence (Sri Lanka) * Discussion including leading experts (Horowitz, Bloom, O'Rourke, Schweitzer, Ali) Her service in 1941 and 1942 included famous actions against the battleship ''Bismarck'' (German battleship Bismarck), several Arctic convoys and the ''Pedestal'' convoy to Malta (Operation Pedestal). She was loaned to the United States Navy for a brief period in 1943 and served in the south west Pacific as "'''USS''' '''''Robin'''''". ''Victorious'' contributed to several attacks on the ''Tirpitz'' (German battleship Tirpitz). The elimination of the German naval threat allowed her redeployment first to the Eastern Fleet at Colombo and then to the Pacific (British Pacific Fleet) for the final actions of the war against Japan. Eastern Fleet In June 1944, ''Victorious'', with HMS ''Indomitable'', left British waters to join the Eastern Fleet at Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), where she arrived on the 5th July. The Eastern Fleet, after a quiet period of trade protection and relative vulnerability, was now being reinforced with ships released from the Atlantic and Mediterranean, in preparation for offensive action against the Japanese. Commons:Category:Colombo Dmoz:Regional Asia Sri Lanka Western Colombo Wikipedia:Colombo


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