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, Ingen arrived at Mount Putuo off Zhejiang province (Provinces of China), where he served tea to monks. At 28, after the death of his mother, he was ordained as a monk at his family temple - Wanfu Temple, Mount Huangbo, Fujian. Ingen's teachers there were Miyun Yuanwu (Mi-yün Yüen-wu) and Feiyin Tongrong. In 1633 he received dharma transmission from the latter, and in 1637 served his first term as abbot. His second term as 33rd abbot of the temple began in 1646

accessed on August 11, 2009 In contemporary chronicles he is rarely called with his name, but is instead called either '''Asaka Seto''' (born December 12, 1976) also known as '''Megumi


'' (grove). It is the official family temple of the 500 Aryan Nagariks Commons:Category:India Wikipedia:India Dmoz:Regional Asia India

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'''Boyd Blake Rice''' (born December 16, 1956) is an American (United States) experimental sound noise musician using the name of NON since the mid-1970s, archivist, actor, photographer, author, member of the ''Partridge Family Temple'' religious group, co-founder of the UNPOP art movement As stated by Shaun Patridge on the Unpop website and current staff writer for '' Modern Drunkard

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