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Principality of Montenegro

: cgi-bin GetTRDoc?Location U2&doc GetTRDoc.pdf&AD ADA475769 "The Korean-Japanese Dispute over Dokdo Takeshima," p. 62 n207 December 2007, citing Byang-Ryull Kim. (2006). ''Ilbon Gunbu'ui Dokdo Chim Talsa'' (''The Plunder of Dokdo by the Japanese Military''), p. 121. However, three hours before Japan's

Port Vila

hours, and charged with "harbouring and aiding of prisoners", "obstructing police on duty" and "accessory after the fact" to the breakout of 30 inmates from the country's main prison in Port Vila. Although Regenvanu admitted having known of the plans for the breakout, and having assisted escapees in finding shelter at the National Council of Chiefs's nakamal, it is not clear what role Carcasses allegedly played in these events. "Carcasses and Regenvanu charged", ''Vanuatu Daily Post'', 23 December 2008 They were released, provisionally, and appeared in court in February 2009. "Deux députés du Vanuatu comparaissent aujourd’hui devant la cour de première instance", ABC Radio Australia, 6 February 2009 "Magistrate refuses application to strike out MPs’ case", ''Vanuatu Daily Post'', 4 February 2009 In January 2009, Prime Minister Edward Natapei's government stated that it would consider seeking Regenvanu's and Carcasses' suspension from Parliament over the charges. "MPs to challenge any motion to suspend them", ''Vanuatu Daily Post'', 17 January 2009 In December 2009, in the context of a Cabinet reshuffle, Carcasses left the Opposition and joined Natapei's government, becoming Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Labour. Vanuatu has three official languages, English (English language), French (French language), and Bislama, a creole language evolved from English. Bislama is the first language of many urban ni-Vanuatu, that is, the residents of Port Vila and Luganville. It is the most common second language elsewhere in the Vanuatu islands. It is similar to Tok Pisin of Papua New Guinea, and other nearby creoles. *'''Vanuatu''' **Port Vila - Bauerfield International Airport * Expansion needed (updated by bot) ** 34 - Aishiya, Batikent, Blenheim, New Zealand, Bogra District, Brzeziny (Gmina of Lubartów), Casablanca, Chlewiska, Dakhiliyah, Drzewianowo, Enmore, Guyana, Guarenas, Guatire, Kaikoura, Kasindol, Khulna, La Rogivue, List of China provinces by compass, List of cities and towns in Hong Kong, Lisów, Lusignan, Guyana, Maracaibo, Maymand, Nobres, Panauti, Patras, Porlamar, Port Vila, Riffa, Szczekarków, Tórshavn, Wola Mieczysławska, Yerevan, Łucka, Łucka Kolonia * Expert attention needed (updated by bot)


krstic TrialC1 judgement krs-tj010802e.pdf 685 KB , "Findings of Fact", paragraphs 18 and 26 Comprehensive report

Paso Robles, California

is not actually located within the city of Paso Robles itself, it is however located in what is considered the Greater Paso Robles Area. In fact, ''"The Lake"'', as it is known to locals, actually shares the 93446 zip code with Paso Robles, due to its proximity to the city. The lake provides ample room for waterskiing, wakeboarding, jetskiing (Personal Watercraft), and other water-related activities, in addition to fishing and swimming (human swimming). Parks

Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies

of the nationalistic (red and white) Indonesian flag. In fact "any discussion, organisation, speculation or propaganda concerning the political organisation or government of the country" (also in the media) was strictly forbidden. They split up the Dutch East Indies into three separate regions and referred to it as the 'Southern Territories' (Indonesian: Daerah Selatan). While Tokyo prepared the Philippines for independence in 1943, they simultaneously decided to annex the Indonesian islands


Chun. While in Foshan, his inquires regarding local Wing Chun instructors brought information about 81 year old Master Pan Nam, the last known disciple on Painted Face Kam's branch of the family tree. Chong learned that Pan Nam had ceased teaching in 1990 and had, in fact, "closed the door" to his school. Unknown to Chong, Pan had delayed officially retiring, which involved certain formal rituals because he had a premonition that someone, his final student, was coming. origin Hong Kong ancestry Foshan, Guangdong, China birth_date

Stratford, Ontario

might be an OK place without my Hamlet, in fact." McCormack appeared in the productions ''A Midsummer Night's Dream'', ''Henry V (Henry V (play))'', ''Murder in the Cathedral'' and '' Three Sisters (play) Three

Morgantown, West Virginia

, the name of the town's post office. It was named as such for Addison McLaughlin, upon whose land the town was originally laid out. The population was 808 at the 2000 census (United States Census, 2000). Biography Cook was born in Morgantown, West Virginia and grew up in Evanston, Illinois. His undergraduate studies were at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


30em '''Further reading''' *Michener, James, A. 1989. ''Caribbean''. Secker & Warburg. London. ISBN 0-436-27971-1 (Especially Chap. VIII. "A Wedding on Nevis", pp. 289–318). The book is a fictionalised account of Caribbean history, but according to the publisher, "...everything said about Nelson and his frantic search for a wealthy life is based on fact." *Ordnance Survey, Government of the United Kingdom, 1984. ''Nevis, with part of St. Christopher (Saint Kitts

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