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it shares with four other Caribbean islands. St. Lucia (Pitons) (2004), Saint Kitts (Brimstone Hill) (1999), Hispaniola (Dominican Republic 1990 Haiti 1982 ) and Cuba (multiple) thumb left Calibishie (File:Calibishie Beach (Dominica).jpg) beach landscape The Commonwealth of Dominica is engaged in a long-running dispute with Venezuela over Venezuela's territorial claims to the sea surrounding Isla Aves (literally Bird Island, but in fact called Bird Rock


), 1946. - Lower Danube (Lower Austria) ''(Niederdonau)'' Vienna 1 April 1940 - 8 May 1945 Hugo Jury - - Greater Vienna ''(Groß-Wien)'' Vienna 1 April 1940 - 10 August 1940 Josef Bürckel, the previous Reichskommissar 10 August 1940 - 12 April 1945 Baldur von Schirach Overview The village of Nabrežina was inhabited in the Roman era because of nearby quarry with a well-known limestone in fact called the marble of Nabrežina


and impressive fjords. Other large fjords such as Trondheimsfjord, Oslofjord or fjords of eastern Finnmark are far less dramatic but still dominates the landscape in these regions. South Norway has some scattered fjords, but smallish compared to the wild fjords of the west and the wide Trondheimsfjord. There are no saltwater fjords in interior of East Norway, but there are countless lakes many of which resemble western fjords and are in fact called "fjord", for instance

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