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with an amazing half opened architecture which offers an extraordinary view and the best wet t´shirt and bikini contest of Cancún. * WikiPedia:Cancún Commons:Category:Cancún


in Manhattan, New York City. Designed by the architectural firm of Napoleon LeBrun & Sons and built by the Hedden Construction Company, the tower is modeled after the Campanile (St Mark's Campanile) in Venice, Italy. "Before This Seven-Day Wonder in Construction Is Completed It Will Be Overtopped by the Tall Tower of the Metropolitan Life.; A Reminder of Venice. How the Tower is Built. The Struggle with the Wind. Differs from Other Skyscrapers. An Extraordinary

View." ''The New York Times'', December 29, 1907. p. SM5 It was constructed in 1909 and served as world headquarters of the company until 2005. It was the world's tallest building for three years, until 1913, when it was surpassed by the Woolworth Building. "Met Life Tower Named A New York Landmark", ''The New York Times'', June 14, 1989. p. B4 Currently, the hotel to be located in the clock tower portion of the building has the address 5 Madison Avenue, while the office building covering the rest of the block, occupied primarily by Credit Suisse, is referred to as 1 Madison Avenue. ''Cosmopolis'' is the story of Eric Packer, a 28 year old multi-billionaire asset manager who makes an odyssey across midtown Manhattan in order to get a haircut. The stretch limo (Limousine) which adorns the cover of the book is richly described as highly technical and very luxurious, filled with television screens and computer monitors, bulletproofed and floored with Carrara marble. It is also cork lined to eliminate (though unsuccessfully, as Packer notes) the intrusion of street noise. thumb 160px 14 Wall Street (Image:14 Wall Street New York.jpg) '''14 Wall Street''', originally the '''Bankers Trust Company Building''', is a skyscraper at 14 Wall Street at the corner of Broad Street (Broad Street (Manhattan)) and running through to Pine Street in the Financial District (Financial District, Manhattan) of Manhattan, New York City. It sits across Broad Street from Federal Hall, across Wall Street from the New York Stock Exchange and diagonally across from the original headquarters of J. P. Morgan & Company. It was built in 1910-12 and was designed by Trowbridge & Livingston in the neoclassical style (Neoclassical architecture) as the headquarters for Bankers Trust. An addition with Art Deco detailing (Art Deco architecture), designed by Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, was constructed in 1931-33. The stepped pyramid at the building's top is a noted part of the downtown skyline, and became the logo for Bankers Trust, which sold the building in 1937. Commons:Category:Manhattan, New York City WikiPedia:Manhattan Dmoz:Regional North America United States New York Localities N New York City Manhattan


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