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Preston , Carlisle (Carlisle, Cumbria) and Newcastle (Newcastle upon Tyne) fleet Released 1981 Recorded April–May 1981 Music Works Studio, Watford, Hertfordshire, UK (United Kingdom) Genre Experimental (Experimental music), art rock Released 1983 Recorded May 1981 Music Works Studio, Watford, Hertfordshire, UK (United Kingdom) Genre

Experimental (Experimental music), art rock W *Wadesmill, Walsworth, Waltham Cross, Ware (Ware, Hertfordshire), Water End, Watford, Watton-at-Stone, Welham Green, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City, West Hyde, Weston (Weston, Hertfordshire), Westwick Row, Wheathampstead, Whempstead, Whitwell (Whitwell, Hertfordshire), Widford (Widford, Hertfordshire), Wigginton (Wigginton, Hertfordshire), Willian, Wilstone, Woodhall Farm

of the founding members of the influential and experimental art-punk (punk rock) band (band (music)) Wire (Wire (band)), Strong, Martin C. (2003) ''The Great Indie Discography'', Canongate, ISBN 1-84195-335-0, p. 180-182 Gilbert branched out into electronic music, performance art, music production, and DJing during the band's extended periods of inactivity. Gilbert left Wire in 2004 and has since been focusing on solo work and collaborations


min walk from Market Sq, or bus 14 or 15 phone +358 2 2620850 tollfree fax hours Tue–Sun 10–18 price €7 4 2 – content Named in honor of the late Turku born artist and sculptor ''Wäinö Aaltonen'' (1896–1966), the museum offerings include changing exhibitions, new and experimental art projects as well as various cultural events. The museum is located on the east bank of the Aura River close to the Myllysilta bridge. The permanent exhibition is based on the art collection of City

German Empire

the schools in Imperial Germany had a very high standard and kept abreast with modern developments in knowledge. Geoffrey Cocks and Konrad H. Jarausch, eds. ''German Professions, 1800–1950'' (1990) Artists began experimental art in opposition to Kaiser Wilhelm's support for traditional art, to which Wilhelm responded "art which transgresses the laws and limits laid down by me can no longer be called art ... ." Kurtz, Harold (1970

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