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Santo Domingo

it was completely engulfed by the flames. Dominicana 1993 incident at the Aviation Safety Network The 2012 Caribbean Series took place at Estadio Quisqueya in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Host Dominican Republic won the event, finishing with a 4-2 record. - 1972 (1972 in baseball) Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic Localities Santo Domingo Wikipedia:Santo Domingo Commons:Category:Santo Domingo


, and Geneva. She advocated peace and disarmament. Even if only some of her demands were met during her lifetime, she laid the groundwork for later gains by Egyptian women and remains the symbolic standard-bearer for their liberation movement. At the Berlin Olympics (Olympic Games), Roberts just missed the medal in the individual 400 metre event (Athletics at the 1936 Summer Olympics - Men's 400 metres), finishing fourth in the final, and ran the third leg in the gold medal winning British 4x400 m relay team. Hoffmannsegg worked in Berlin from 1804 to 1816, and was elected a member of the Academy of Science of the city in 1815. He was the founder of the zoological museum of Berlin in 1809. Hoffmannsegg proposed Illiger for the position of curator, and all the Hoffmannsegg's collections were then transferred to Berlin. birth_date Commons:Category:Berlin Wikipedia:Berlin Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Berlin


All-female action sports competition attracts 'supergirls' who competes on the LG Action Sports World Tour. She has received over fifty medals in the LG Action Sports World Tour events. She has received seven X Games gold medals and one silver, making her the most decorated female athlete in X Games history. In a seven-year stretch, she only lost one X Games event, finishing second in 1999. '''Brazilian Integralist Action''' (Portuguese (Portuguese language): '''''Ação Integralista Brasileira''''') was a integralist (Integralism) fascist (Fascism) political party in Brazil. It was based upon the ideology of Brazilian Integralism developed by its leader Plínio Salgado, Brazilian Integralism supported a revival of spirituality in Brazil in the form of Brazilian nationalism to form a shared identity between Brazilians. It denounced materialism, liberalism, and Marxism. It was violently opposed to the Communist Party of Brazil and competed with the Communists for the working class vote. thumb left 160px Plínio Salgado (Image:Pliniosalgado.jpg), founder and leader of Brazilian Integralist Action. The two versions, Especial and Luxo, had 3-speed manual gearbox, rear wheel drive, front independent suspension and rear live axle, both with helical springs. In front, the suspension elements were anchored to one side, set in unibody by screws, which only later would be known as subframe. The tires were the first tubeless to be used in a model manufactured in Brazil, and used clutch spring type "Chinese hat", or diaphragmatic spring, which began to popularize in the world. After the disaster of the Battle of Ksar El Kebir, where heirless King (List of Portuguese monarchs) Sebastian of Portugal died, the aged Cardinal Henry of Portugal (Henry, King of Portugal) had become King. Because Henry was old and was not allowed to have legitimate children, a dynastical crisis (Struggle for the throne of Portugal) occurred even before the death of the Cardinal. The Duke of Braganza supported his wife's claim to the throne (she was a granddaughter of King Manuel I (Manuel I of Portugal)). Philip II of Spain (another grandson of Manuel I and also claimant to the throne), tried to bribe him to abandon his wife's pretensions, offering him the Vice-Kingdom of Brazil, the post of Grand-Master of the Order of Christ (Order of Christ (Brazil)), a license to send a personal ship to India every year, and the marriage of his eldest son Teodósio of Braganza (Teodósio II, Duke of Braganza) to one of his daughters (either Isabella Clara Eugenia or Catherine Michelle (Catherine Michelle of Spain)). The Duke of Braganza, influenced by his wife, refused the proposal. thumb 250px Map of the Amazon Basin with the Acre River highlighted (Image:Acrerivermap.png) thumb Acre River. (Image:Riobranco pontedomercado2.jpg)The '''Acre River''' (called '''Aquiry''' in the local Iñapari language; locally, ''Rio Acre'') is a

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