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1924 and 1929, 82,000 Jews arrived, many as a result of anti-semitism in Poland and Hungary. The immigration quotas (Emergency Quota Act) of the United States kept Jews out. This group contained many middle class families that moved to the growing towns, establishing small businesses and light industry. Of these approximately 23,000 left the country. WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland


is now the modern state of Tamil Nadu and on to China, establishing small works along the way. After returning to Tamil Nadu, he was killed by some locals. Though he was buried in India, his body was taken, in the fourth or fifth century, to Edessa (Edessa, Mesopotamia), in modern-day Turkey. *At wikipedia, we write about what is publicly known. About the 1950 comet accidents, I certainly remember a BOAC Comet that desinegrated over India. An airplane book I own had

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