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establishing good relations with the Roman Catholics of his duchy and making his son his successor. On his death, having survived many a king, his independence was assured and his domain passed to his son Aiulf (Aiulf I of Benevento). Guaimar II joined, like his father-in-law, the fight against the Moslems which had been only secondary to his father and grandfather. He was present at the Battle of the Garigliano in 915, where the forces of Gaeta, Naples, Capua, Benevento, Salerno, Lazio, Spoleto, Rome, and even Byzantine Italy (Catapanate of Italy) defeated the Moslems of the Garigliano fortress. The ''Chronicum Salernitanum'' attributes many other victories over the Saracens to him. The city is the highest regional capital and one of the highest provincial capitals in Italy, overlooking the valley of the Basento river in the Apennine Mountains of Lucania, east of Salerno. Its territory is bounded by the comuni of Anzi, Avigliano (Avigliano, Basilicata), Brindisi Montagna, Picerno, Pietragalla, Pignola, Ruoti, Tito (Tito, Basilicata), and Vaglio Basilicata. Transportation Potenza is a rail junction on the main line from Salerno to Taranto, managed by FS Trenitalia; it has also a connection to Altamura, served by the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane regional company. The city's main station (central station), which was originally named ''Potenza Inferiore'', is now known as Potenza Centrale (Potenza Centrale railway station). In his first years in office, he was faced with the Saracen menace and he fell into their hands. After being liberated by Amalfi, he made peace with the Saracens and was excommunicated by Pope John VIII. In 876, the pope was down in the Mezzogiorno recruiting the princes of Capua and Salerno for the war with the Moslems. Docibilis met the pope at Traetto, but could not come to terms. The pope then interfered in the Capuan succession on the death (879) of Landulf II (Landulf II of Capua) to impose Pandenulf (Pandenulf of Capua) over Lando (Lando III of Capua) in return for Pandenulf attacking Docibilis. Formia was captured and Docibilis called up some Saracen mercenaries from Agropoli. He met the pope at Gaeta itself and made peace. Together they besieged the Saracen fortress on the Garigliano. He began his rule as an associate of his father from either 867, right after his father's violent takeover, or 877, when he is first mentioned as co-regent. In that year he received the honorific ''patrikios'' from Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII. His father disappears from the annals in 906, but he is only confirmed dead in 914. Nonetheless, the intervening period was John's. He recognised his brother Anatolio as duke of Terracina and sold the castle of Dragoncello to his other brothers. He began to reverse the policy of his father of alliance with the Saracens and war with his Lombard (Lombards) and Greek (Greeks) neighbours. He married his daughters off strategically: Gemma to the Sorrentine (Sorrento) prefect Marinus, Maru to the Salernitan (Salerno) nobleman Guaifer, and Matrona to Campolo, of an important Gaetan family. Probably from the earliest, in 906, John associated his own son Docibilis (Docibilis II of Gaeta) in a co-regency, certainly by 914. In 839, according to the ''Chronica S. Benedicti Casinensis'' Landulf took the initiative in freeing Siconulf, the imprisoned brother of the assassinated prince of Benevento, Sicard (Sicard of Benevento). He supported Siconulf in his war with the usurper Radelchis (Radelchis I of Benevento). Siconulf was proclaimed prince in Salerno and Landulf pledged his city to him. He had fought for Sicard against Naples in his early years, but he concluded a peace treaty with the Neapolitans in order to be able to fully enter the war against Radelchis. Radelchis called in Saracen mercenaries and they sacked Capua in 841. The ruins of that city are all that is left of "Old Capua" (see Santa Maria Capua Vetere). Landulf founded the present-day Capua, "New Capua", at the hill of nearby Triflisco, which he fortified as "Rebelopolis", according to the ''Chronicon Salernitanum''. It is from then that the chronicler says he ruled another year and eight months, dying probably in 843. It seems that, by the end of his life, he was employing the title of count. ** Jastrowie: I've done what I can to clean this up, but it still needs some attention from someone familiar with Polish history and or language. See Talk:Jastrowie for particular questions. (User:Triskaideka)—Triskaideka (User:Triskaideka) 18:46, 16 Sep 2004 (UTC) ** Many of the cities listed in the :Category:Cities in Italy are inadequately developed. Specifically: Brindisi, Cagliari, Catania, La Spezia, Livorno, Messina, Italy, Parma, Italy, Pescara, Pisa, Reggio Calabria, Reggio Emilia, Salerno, Sassari, Savona, and Terni. Less so: Bari, Brescia, Perugia, Ravenna, Rimini, Syracuse (Syracuse, Italy), Taranto , Trieste, and Vicenza — RJH (User:RJHall) 23:08, 4 Sep 2004 (UTC) ** El Alamein is more than a battle- it's a very old town; someone should be able to find history on it. -FZ (User:Finn-Zoltan) 04:09, 3 Sep 2004 (UTC) - 3. 30 May 2006 Stadio Arechi, Salerno, Italy WikiPedia:Salerno Commons:Category:Salerno


(UNOMIG). During this tenure, Alasania succeeding in establishing good ties with several Abkhaz politicians and was instrumental in resuming the Georgian-Abkhaz Coordination Council, a tool for direct talks between the two sides, in March 2006. That month, however, he was appointed as Georgia’s Permanent Representative to the U.N., a decision which triggered some controversy, with critics saying that sidelining Alasania from the Georgian-Abkhaz negotiations would hinder the positive momentum recently observed in the process. Alasania’s UN Appointment Triggers Controversy. ''Civil Georgia''. March 13, 2006. founded 1998 (as '''Air Bisec''') headquarters Tbilisi, Georgia (Georgia (country)) key_people '''Sky Georgia''' (Georgian: (Georgian language) საერთაშორისო ავიაკომპანია „სქაი ჯორჯია“ - saertašoriso aviaqompania «sqai dzhordzhia»)is an airline from Tbilisi, Georgia (Georgia (country)), operating out of Tbilisi International Airport. Flight International 3 April 2007 thumb Tupolev Tu-134 (File:Georgian National Airlines Tupolev Tu-134 Ryabtsev.jpg) of Georgian National Airlines in 2006. **Batumi - Batumi International Airport **Tbilisi - Tbilisi International Airport - 4. 30 March 2005 Tbilisi, Georgia (Georgia (country)) Commons:Category:Tbilisi


; Norman (Norman language): ''Ĥâote-Normaundie'') is one of the 27 regions (regions of France) of France. It was created in 1984 from two départements: Seine-Maritime and Eure, when Normandy was divided into Lower Normandy and Upper Normandy. This division continues to provoke controversy, and some continue to call for reuniting the two regions. However, the name ''Upper Normandy'' existed prior to 1956 and referred by tradition to territories currently included within the administrative region: the Pays de Caux, the Pays de Bray (not that of Picardy), the Roumois, the Campagne of Le Neubourg, the Plaine de Saint André and the Norman Vexin. Today, most of the Pays d'Auge, as well as a small portion of the Pays d'Ouche, are located in Lower Normandy. History A human settlement at Littlehampton can be traced back to prehistoric and Roman times, while it appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 as the small hamlet of 'Hantone'.


commercial stations. Usually, one or both stations carried ABC as a secondary affiliation, since ABC would not be on anything resembling an equal footing with CBS and NBC until the 1970s. However, Taft was establishing good relations with ABC: Taft's flagship station, WKRC-TV (channel 12) in Cincinnati, had also switched from CBS to ABC that same year, and Taft's chairman was a personal friend of the ABC president Leonard Goldenson. Taft later bought ABC's former syndication arm, Worldvision Enterprises, in 1979 (ABC spun off this division in 1973 as a result of fin-syn laws that are now repealed). '''Solomon Loeb''' (June 29, 1828 — December 12, 1903) was a German American merchant in textiles and later a banker with Kuhn, Loeb & Co.. His father, a devout Jew, had been a small corn- and wine-dealer in Worms, which belonged to the Grand Duchy of Hesse and by Rhine. S. Loeb emigrated to the United States in 1849. He settled in Cincinnati with textiles merchants Kuhn, Netter & Co. He moved to New York City in 1865 and with his partner Abraham Kuhn started the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb and Co.. His second born son James Loeb joined the bank in 1888 (and left in 1901). Salomon Loeb gradually retired from running the business, but left Kuhn, Loeb & Co. only in 1899. He then started to work in real estate. He was a generous philanthropist. Association with Alexander Campbell The ''Marquis of Wellesley'' docked in New York and Thomas travelled on to Cincinnati, Ohio where he became convinced by the Restoration Movement of the need for baptism and joined them in October 1832. He later came to know a prominent leader in the movement, Alexander Campbell (Alexander Campbell (clergyman)) who encouraged him to become an evangelist, spending his time travelling around the eastern States of America preaching, until eventually settling down as a preacher in Philadelphia. It was here on 1 January 1834 that he married Ellen Hunt who became his lifelong companion and constant support throughout the trials of faith that persisted throughout his life. death_date origin Cincinnati, Ohio instrument Vocals, Guitar Cincinnati Thomas created Garfield Goose for a local television program he hosted in Cincinnati. Thomas, who was an Indiana native and had worked on Cincinnati local radio since before World War II, said he got the idea when he saw Catholic nuns with a sock puppet in the form of a goose, with which they invited children to "feed the goose" with donations for charity. He wanted to do something special to award prizes to children on his television show, so he created a Garfield Goose puppet for that purpose. "Garfield" was the television station's telephone exchange. In Cincinnati, Garfield Goose lived in a cuckoo clock, since he had always wanted to be a cuckoo bird. Commons:Category:Cincinnati WikiPedia:Cincinnati Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Metro Areas Cincinnati Metro

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