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of small music venues across the city. The city is also home to annual music festivals including Sudbury Summerfest, the Northern Lights Festival Boréal and La Nuit sur l'étang. The local Sudbury Symphony Orchestra performs six annual concerts of classical music (European classical music). http: One of Stompin' Tom Connors' most famous songs, "Sudbury Saturday Night", depicts the hard-drinking, hard-partying social


?item_id 1478 The hard-drinking, hard-smoking health secretary , Men's Health Forum, 1 February 2005 In May 2007 it was alleged that Reid had given up alcohol as a consequence of him having harassed a fellow Labour MP in the early 1990s whilst drunk. The day leadership rival John Reid propositioned the young Brown ally Dawn Primarolo - and never drank again SIMON WALTERS


in northeastern states such as Maine and then followed the general westward migration on the continent to the Upper Midwest, and finally the Pacific Northwest. Stewart Holbrook documented the rise and eventual westward migration of the classic American lumberjack in his first book, ''Holy Old Mackinaw: A Natural History of the American Lumberjack'', and often wrote colorfully about lumberjacks in his subsequent books, romanticizing them as hard-drinking, hard-working men. Logging


were confirmed: Wilson had to stop drinking. After these diagnoses Wilson quit drinking hard liquor but continued to drink wine for several years. His excessive drinking and correlating heart problems forced Wilson to have a heart transplant in September 2007. Despite his continuous struggle with alcoholism, Wilson finally quit drinking after marrying Barbara Alberstadt, a former ballerina, in 1999. Temple, McDonald, ETRC. #'''''Speaking in Tongues''''' (December 6, 1992) - After being forced to translate a pornographic magazine for him, the head of the European Parliament's simultaneous translation (interpreting) department informs Alan that he will no longer have the translators' cooperation on anything ever again. Shortly thereafter, Alan is approached by Emilda Kleist, the other MEP for Obersaxony and the leader of the East German Green Party, who asks him to become the final German MEP to sign off on the route for the new autobahn, which will connect East and West for the first time. Although every other MEP has agreed that the new route should be located through an industrial wasteland (brownfield land), Alan (naturally) insists that it should instead be built straight through a tract of unspoiled forest. After she leaves in a huff, Alan, seeing profit potential in the two seemingly unrelated developments, sets to plotting. He manipulates Piers into relocating the entire translation staff to an office park in the East German slum where the autobahn is planned to be built, causing the translators to threaten to strike (strike action), a threat they carry out when they discover the office park is actually a scale model. With the translators out on strike, Alan persuades Piers to order the installation of an experimental universal translator (in exchange for a hefty bribe from its creator, of course). The new system turns out to be hopelessly buggy, however, and Alan delivers a speech to the European Parliament calling for English (English language) to be adopted as the EEC's official language, a position that sends his popularity at home skyrocketing. Piers manages to persuade the translators to come back to work, but does so by using the translator program to accidentally offer them all promotions (promotion (rank)) and a vacation in the Seychelles, and he now fears for his job. Alan persuades him that he can get back into everyone's good graces by signing off on the new autobahn route, a decision that was delayed for a week by the translator strike. Convinced that his decision will save the EEC millions of pounds, Piers authorizes construction to begin through the tract of forest...only to discover that Alan has already purchased it all under a false name, and now intends to charge through the nose for it. #'''''Heil and Farewell''''' (December 13, 1992) - Having arranged for Nicolae Ceauşescu, Jr. (Nicolae Ceauşescu) to sneak into Germany amongst a group of refugees in exchange for half of a hidden treasure valued at $50 million, Alan finds his scheme imperiled when hundreds of neo-Nazis (neo-Nazism) begin to riot and lay siege to the hostel where the refugees are being housed. Sensing opportunity for greater profit, Alan forces Piers to join him in infiltrating the neo-Nazis' headquarters, where Piers delivers a rousing speech proposing Alan as the group's new ''führer''. Although the membership likes the idea, the incumbent nixes it and shows Alan the door. Emilda Kleist, meanwhile, has followed Alan to the meeting and, thinking that he legitimately wishes to become a dictator (dictatorship), begins to plan his assassination, and enlists the aid of Sarah in the plot. Back at his office, Alan contacts Russian President Boris Yeltsin and buys (for the sum of six American dollars (United States dollar)) the cryonically (cryonics)-preserved penis of Adolf Hitler. Returning to the neo-Nazis' hideaway (now in full stormtrooper (Sturmabteilung) regalia), Alan delivers a spellbinding speech and reveals the penis, which is identified as genuine by Colonel Wessell, a former member of Hitler's personal guard. Claiming to have purchased the penis for $10 million, Alan further states that he can get the entire rest of the body for a further $40 million, leading Wessell, who reveals himself as the guardian of Hitler's hidden treasure vault (bank vault), to rush off to procure the money. Having won the group's trust, Alan "reveals" that the refugees they are rioting against have been secretly moved from their hostel to a luxury hotel, and orders that they attack it at once. This attack, actually against the hotel where the Israeli Defense Minister (Defense Minister of Israel) is staying, leaves more than 700 people dead, but clears the rioters away from the refugee hostel. It is at this point, however, that Piers discover a bomb planted amongst Alan's belongings by Sarah and Kleist. Although Alan and Piers escape in the nick of time, the device kills the entire rest of the Nazis. Collecting Ceauşescu, Alan heads for the Swiss (Switzerland) bank where the treasure is kept. Once there, he encounters Wessell and discovers that the Nazi treasure and the Romanian treasure are one and the same, having been captured by the Red Army during the Battle of Berlin. As Wessell and Ceauşescu fight, Alan collects as much of the treasure as he can carry and seals them inside the vault, setting the time lock for 1999. Back at his home, he discovers Kleist and Sarah gloating over his "demise" and preparing a lesbian tryst, and offers them a pair of massive diamonds to have a threesome with him. #'''''A Bigger Splash''''' (December 20, 1992) - Soon after purchasing Robert Maxwell's luxury yacht, the Lady Ghislaine (Lady Mona K), at auction for £10 million, Alan announces that he will use the yacht to transport a cargo of humanitarian aid to war-torn Herzegovina, a move that will coincide with the beginning of Piers' peace conference between the region's two warring factions. Sarah suspects that the whole thing is one of Alan's ''faux'' charity (charity fraud) scams, but the truth is much bigger: the presumed-dead Maxwell is really alive and well and hiding out in Bosnia with £500 million in stolen loot, and both the charity mission and the peace talks are a cover for Alan's plan to spirit him and his money to safety. Once in Herzegovina, the peace talks go badly, until Alan offers the leaders of the two factions each a £1 million bribe to agree to a one-hour-long ceasefire in order to cover his escape, a proposition to which they both agree, although Alan is obliged to also trick an unwitting Piers into offering his sexual services to the Serbian leader. Once the ceasefire is in effect, Alan decides to leave Maxwell behind and instead make off with the crate containing his stolen millions, but when he gets underway he learns that the old fraudster has scammed him: Maxwell, not the money, is inside the crate, and there never was any loot to be had. Alan is out the millions of pounds he spent on the yacht and the various bribes, but consoles himself by pushing the still-crated Maxwell into the ocean. '''Eduard Buchner''' (20 May 1860 – 13 August 1917) was a German (Germany) chemist (chemistry) and zymologist (Zymurgy), awarded with the 1907 Nobel Prize in Chemistry thanks to his work on fermentation (fermentation (biochemistry)). Many imported programmes were dubbed (Dubbing (filmmaking)) into Afrikaans, the first being the British series ''The Sweeney'', known in Afrikaans as ''Blitspatrollie''. However, in order to accommodate English speakers, the SABC began to simulcast the original soundtrack of US series such as ''Miami Vice'' and ''Beverly Hills, 90210'' on an FM radio service called Radio 2000. This also applied to German (Germany) and Dutch (Netherlands) programmes dubbed in Afrikaans, such as the German detective series ''Derrick (Derrick (TV series))'' Dutch soap opera ''Medisch Centrum West'', known as ''Hospitaal Wes Amsterdam''. '''Johann Friedrich Blumenbach''' (11 May 1752 – 22 January 1840) was a German (Germany) physician, naturalist (Natural history), physiologist, and anthropologist. He was one of the first to explore the study of mankind as an aspect of natural history, and whose teachings in comparative anatomy were applied to classification of what he called human races of which he determined five. The '''Heinkel He 178''' was the world's first aircraft to fly under turbojet power, and the first practical jet aircraft. It was a private venture by the German (Germany) Heinkel company in accordance with director Ernst Heinkel's emphasis on developing technology for high-speed flight and first flew on 27 August 1939, piloted by Erich Warsitz. This had been preceded by a short hop three days earlier. Commons:Category:Germany Wikipedia:Germany Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany

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