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we were dressed in our pajamas when we started." Here, Sharon began to play the bass guitar, while Neil sat behind the drum set, despite the fact that neither had played either instrument before. Neil commented that "We found ourselves locking into these grooves which were incredibly fun to play...We naturally gravitated towards being 'funky (Funk music)'," drawing influence from South Bronx band ESG (ESG (band)). ref name


the place" he said in the episode's DVD commentary. Still, Kirkland strove to make the episode look as realistic as possible by drawing influence from his experience in Kenya. For example, the steering column on Kitenge's Land Rover is placed on the right side of the car. At one point in the episode, the Simpsons visit the Maasai people, a Nilotic (Nilotic peoples) ethnic group of semi-nomadic people located in Kenya and northern Tanzania


, GISM was one of the first Japanese hardcore bands, while at the same time drawing influence from the early industrial avant-garde music scene -- something extremely uncommon in punk bands at that time. thumb Pioneer headquarters in Kawasaki (File:Pioneer Kawasaki.jpg) WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo


-prone, yet melancholy sound to it, drawing influence from Prince (Prince (musician)). On May 7, 2009, a song from the album, titled "Skyscrapers," was released for streaming online.

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: articles 2006 01 production-notes-joe-henry.html publisher Paste Magazine writes "songs that don’t fit into an easily defined box" , instead drawing influence from a wide array of music including

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