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Bolinas, California

''. Spring 2008. Retrieved 3 August 2011. As a teenager, Korine frequented revival theaters, watching classic films by John Cassavetes, Werner Herzog, Jean-Luc Godard, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and Alan Clarke. In an interview with Bruce LaBruce, Korine briefly mentioned that he studied Business Administration in college. Other sources state that he studied Dramatic Writing at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University for one semester before dropping


) was the author of ''The Art of Dramatic Writing'', which is widely regarded as one of the best works on the subject of playwriting, though its teachings have since been adapted for the writing of short stories, novels, and screenplays. Tibor Szy. Hungarians in America: a biographical directory of professionals of Hungarian origin in the Americas. Hungarian University Association. New York 1963 p 95 DATE OF BIRTH June 4, 1888 PLACE OF BIRTH Eger, Hungary


ordained a cleric in minor orders, with a benefice, and had also in all probability begun his dramatic writing. By the middle of the century he was already a recognized literary figure and a member of the Academia Castellana. He published the first volume of his comedies (called the Primera Parte) in 1654; El desdén, con el desdén (literally “Disdain with Disdain”), one of his most popular and famous comedies, first appeared in print in this edition. Xinzo is a town of services and an important stopping point on the main Vigo-Madrid highway. There are several small industries, including a glass factory, and many pig, cow and dairy farms in the surrounding area. The drained lakebed of Antela, once Spain's largest freshwater lake until the 1950s, produces cereals, hay, and especially potatoes. Xinzo is in fact one of Spain's largest producers of potatoes. 250px thumb La Mancha de Montearagón subregion. (File:Satélite Mancha de Montearagón.JPG) '''La Mancha''' is a natural (natural region) and historical region or greater comarca (Comarcas of Spain) located on an arid, fertile, elevated plateau (610 m or 2000 ft.) of central Spain, south of Madrid, stretching between the Montes de Toledo and the western spurs of the Serrania de Cuenca. It is bounded on the south by the Sierra Morena and on the north by the La Alcarria region. La Mancha includes portions of the modern provinces of Cuenca (Cuenca (province)), Toledo (Toledo (province)), and Albacete, and most of the Ciudad Real province. La Mancha historical comarca constitutes the southern portion of Castile–La Mancha autonomous community and makes up most of the present-day administrative region. At present there are national headquarters in the following locations: Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Hinnerup, Denmark; Vantaa, Finland; Fresnes, France; Bad Homburg, Germany; Athens, Greece; Budapest, Hungary; Dublin, Ireland; Milan, Italy; Moerdijk, Netherlands; Oslo, Norway; Warsaw, Poland; Alcochete, Portugal; Madrid, Spain; Sundsvall, Sweden; Spreitenbach, Switzerland; and Warwick, UK. * Since 1953, Canada has an embassy in Madrid and two honorary consulates in Barcelona and Malaga.

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