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Camrose, Alberta

of its pioneer legacy: that personal wholeness emerges from a liberal education, that the proper end of leadership is service to others, and that the spirit of cooperation so crucial to rural life invigorates human endeavour. As a Faculty of the University of Alberta, Augustana continues to build on its reputation for high-quality teaching in a friendly, caring, residence-based setting. In doing so, it provides a distinctive small-campus undergraduate experience within one of Canada's leading


grouping of flowering plants. '''''Aotus''''' is an Australian genus of flowering plants, within the legume family (family (biology)) Fabaceae. ''Aotus'' species, together with other species of the tribe (tribe (biology)) Mirbelieae, are often called '''Golden Peas''' because of their distinctive small yellow flowers. They are endemic to Australia, occurring in all states except the Northern Territory. '''''Eutaxia''''' is a genus of the family Fabaceae

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