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: content 334 6056 584 Recent disputes Some South Korean groups argue that recent activities conducted on the Chinese side of the border, such as economic development, cultural festivals, infrastructure development, promotion of the tourism industry, attempts at registration as a World Heritage Site, and bids for a Winter Olympic Games, are an attempt to claim the mountain as Chinese territory. http


educational projects. Cuba Solidarity Campaign : Cuba Si : Welsh Education Minister meets Fidel In the United States, the Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute, a part of Tulane University, has developed relations with Cuban counterpart organizations for the purposes of academic collaboration and exchange, curricular development, cultural exchange and international development and dialogue. The '''Snowdon Massif''' is one of the three mountain groups in Snowdonia, north Wales, to include mountains over 3,000 feet (foot (unit)) (914 m (metre)) high. It occupies the area between Beddgelert, Pen-y-Pass and Llanberis. It is surrounded by the Glyderau to the north-east, Moel Siabod to the east, the Moelwynion to the south, Moel Hebog, the Nantlle Ridge and Mynydd Mawr to the west, and by flatter land leading down to Caernarfon and the Menai Strait to the north-west. *Boulder Rock, Ross Dependency, Antarctica *Carmarthen, Wales (Welsh : ''Caerfyddin'') - (Fort fort by the sea - "Caer" "Car" Welsh for fort (from Latin ''castra''), "marthen" "m(f)yrddin" is Welsh name derived from Latin Moridunum (Moridunum (Carmarthen)), which itself derived from Brythonic (British language (Celtic)) "môr" (sea) and "din" "dun" (fort)) Hywel Wyn Jones, ''The Place-Names of Wales'', 1998 *Cartagena, Spain - (New New City - from Latin ''Carthago Nova'', 'New Carthage'; but ''Carthago'' itself is from Phoenician (Phoenician language) '' WikiPedia:Wales Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom Wales commons:Wales - Cymru

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