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Thule Air Base

in the area in 1917 in connection with the purchase of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Denmark assumed control of the village in 1937. A cluster of huts known as Pituffik ("the place the dogs are tied") stood on the wide plain where the base was built in 1951. (A main base street was named Pituffik Blvd.) The affected locals moved to Thule. However, in 1953 the USAF planned to construct an air defense site near that village, and in order to prevent unhealthy contact with soldiers, the Danish government relocated “Old Thule” with about 130 inhabitants to a newly constructed, modern village Units Besides the three major commands, the Wing directs and supports Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station (Cheyenne Mountain) (CMAFS); Thule Air Base (TABG), Greenland; Clear AFS (Clear Air Force Station) (CAFS), Alaska, and Cape Cod AFS (Cape Cod Air Force Station) (CCAFS), Mass. The 21st also provides community support to 302d Airlift Wing (ANG), the 50th Space Wing, Schriever AFB, Colo and to its neighbors in the Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO) area. Since January 2009, Greenland has been divided into four municipalities: Kujalleq, Qaasuitsup, Qeqqata, and Sermersooq. The large Northeast Greenland National Park is not part of any municipality (unincorporated (unincorporated area)). The Thule Air Base (Pituffik), located as an enclave within Qaasuitsup municipality, is also an unincorporated area and does not belong to any municipality.

United States Department of War

not be made of metal. United States Navy Battle Fleet home port 1919–1940 In 1888, the War Department (United States Department of War) took control of a tract of land next to the bay and added to it in 1897 and 1910. This became Fort MacArthur in 1914 and was a coastal defense site for many years. Woodrow Wilson transferred 200 United States Navy ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 1919 when tension arose between the United States and Japan over the fate of China

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