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Frashëri , Sotir Peçi, Shahin Kolonja, and Gjergj D. Qiriazi. There was much debate and the contending alphabets were ''Istanbul'', ''Bashkimi'' and ''Agimi''. However, the Congress was unable to make a clear decision and opted for a compromise solution of using both the widely used ''Istanbul'', with minor changes, and a modified version of the Bashkimi alphabet. Usage of the alphabet of Istanbul declined rapidly and it was essentially extinct over the following decades

. Personal history Hoxha was born in Bitola, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Kingdom of Yugoslavia) (present-day Republic of Macedonia). She studied at a high school in Tirana. After the war (World War II), she continued her studies at the State University of Tirana. In November 1941 she joined the newly founded Albanian Communist Party (Albanian Party of Labour) (ACP) and a year later was elected to the General Council of the Albanian

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