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Mobile, Alabama

, including the starring roles in the musicals ''Annie (Annie (musical))'' and ''Grease (Grease (musical))''. She took lessons in dance, singing, and acting. In 1986, she was Rhode Island's Junior Miss and competed in Mobile, Alabama in the America's Junior Miss scholarship program. While her parents encouraged her dream of becoming an actress, they also urged her to complete a liberal arts education before deciding on acting as a career. Following their advice, she attended


of the historical Barrio Santa Cruz. On Friday and Saturday evenings a spectacular show is hosted at a discounted price for visitors to the museum. Flamenco art and photography exhibitions are also on display and dance, singing, percussion and guitar lessons are offered. * WikiPedia:Seville commons:Sevilla


houses in a village and a village surrounded by various other commpunities. More detail about : Manihar '''Allan Fakir''' (1932–2000) (Sindhi (Sindhi language): '''اَلڻُ فقيرُ''', Urdu: '''الن فقیر'''), a Pakistani folk singer is a one of the foremost exponents of sufi music in Pakistan. He is particularly known for his ecstatic style of performance marked with extreme devotional rhetoric and sufi dance singing. His peculiarly funny body language and distinctively pleasing

United States

house-artists inaya-day-biography "Inaya Day Biography" , ''IMO Records' Retrieved on 01 March 2011. ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American (United States) dance (Dance music) singer (singing) DATE OF BIRTH January 18, 1977 Singer Hui started his career as a host on a youth music TV show on the TV network TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited). Sam and Michael Hui starred as the host in 精裝雙星報喜 (The Hui's Brothers Show). At that time, he

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