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doc 1P2-8999855.html title Small Screen; The Buzz on Television last Kuklenski first Valerie work Los Angeles Daily News publisher MediaNews Group format Payment required to access the full article date 2002-05-25 accessdate 2011-02-18 In 2004, Simpson went out on her second headlining tour, the Reality Tour, to promote her third studio album ''In This Skin'' (2003). The tour, unlike the DreamChaser Tour, had no dance production.<

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with a European cast that explores Schiele's artistic demons leading up to his early death. The film is directed by Herbert Vesely and stars Mathieu Carriere as Schiele, Jane Birkin as his early artistic muse, Christine Kaufman as his wife and Kristina Van Eyck as her sister. As well, his life was represented in a theatrical dance production by Stephan Mazurek called ''Egon Schiele'', presented in May 1995, for which Rachel's, an American (United States) post-rock

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