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Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

episode entitled "The Holy Thief", and also appeared in the BBC crime show ''Waking The Dead (Waking the Dead (TV series))'' as Elaine Ashcroft, again playing a murder victim in the fourth seasons finale episode ''Thin Air''. thumb right Merseyside shown within the United Kingdom UK (File:Merseyside outline map with UK.png) This is a '''list of railway stations within the county of Merseyside''', a metropolitan county in northwest England which is based around the city of Liverpool and includes the metropolitan boroughs of Liverpool, Knowsley (Knowsley (borough)), Sefton (Metropolitan Borough of Sefton), St Helens (Metropolitan Borough of St Helens) and Wirral (Metropolitan Borough of Wirral). '''Andrew Mark "Andy" Robinson''' (born 3 November 1979 in Birkenhead, Wirral (Metropolitan Borough of Wirral)) is a professional football player, who plays for Tranmere Rovers (Tranmere Rovers F.C.). He plays as a Winger (Midfielder#Winger) and is comfortable playing on either side of the pitch.

South Africa

becomes the longest-running crime show in television history until ''Law & Order'' overtakes it in 2003. * March 15 ** South Africa withdraws from the Commonwealth of Nations. ** The Union of Peoples of Angola, led by Holden Roberto, attacks strategic locations in the north of Angola. These events result in the beginning of the colonial war with Portugal. ** In France, rebel generals Maurice Challe and Andre Zelelr are sentenced to 15 years in prison. ** South

United States

. In the episode, the word "shit" is said uncensored (Censorship) on television on the crime show ''Cop Drama''. After this, everyone starts saying "shit" over and over, which eventually brings over a mysterious plague (plague (disease)) that unleashes the ancient Knights of Standards and Practices, and only Chef (Chef (South Park)) and the boys can save the world. '''Legionville''' (or '''Legion Ville''') was the first formal basic training facility

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