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feature film released by Sahara India Pariwar of India, Percept Pictures and Silvertoons. The animated film dramatizes the life of its title character, Hanuman, a Hindu God. The animation was created by Silvertoons. It is India's first major commercial family animated feature (there were several earlier ones made by Pentamedia Graphics). * India page no mention until the 15 November 2005


saw action in the Vosges and around Arras in the autumn of 1914. After a leave of absence due to illness, he joined the ''Alpenkorps (Alpenkorps (German Empire))'' as a staff officer, serving in Macedonia (Macedonia (region)), France and Serbia. By the end of the war, he was a captain (Captain (land)). Artevelde was born in Ghent of a wealthy commercial family. He married twice and amassed a fortune in the weaving industry. He rose to prominence during the early

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