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Stari Grad, Croatia

;''' Amateur theatre troop, dating from 1893, specialises in comic plays * '''Town Library''' is the direct descendent of the "Croatian National Reading Room" founded in 1874. The Town Library is now located in the Town Hall, built 1893. * '''Stari Grad Museum''' is housed in the former Palaca Biankini. Special exhibits show a reconstruction of an ancient Greek shipwreck, the archaeological collection from the Stari Grad Plain, and a 19th-century Captain's room. In addition, the Museum houses


and visited the Basque Country (Basque Country (historical territory)). They wanted to repeat the success of comic theatre, an earlier phenomenon that copied Offenbach (Jacques Offenbach)'s comic model, and was brought by the theatre manager Arderíus to the Madrid Variety Theatre (with ''El Joven Telémaco'' — "Young Telemachus" — as the main play). Comic plays were nevertheless quickly eclipsed by the expansion of the ''género chico'' and disappeared

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