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patted. The 'Hi-Ho, the derry-o' is variously replaced with "Ee-i, tiddly-i" in London, 'Ee-i, andio' (for instance in Northern England), and 'Ee-i, ee-i' (for instance in the West Country). Comedy character Mrs Merton started out as Frank's sidekick on his radio show ''Radio Timperley'', and the similarity of the characters is evident, exuding a sense of great ambition which belies a domestic lifestyle


, the triangle appears to require no specialist ability to play and is often used in jokes and one liner (One-liner joke)s as an archetypal instrument that requires no skill to play. The Martin Short sketch comedy character Ed Grimley is the best known example. A triangle player is also the subject of a Cleveland-based mockumentary called ''Triangles and Tribulations''. However, triangle parts in classical music can be very demanding, and James Blades


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania death_date '''Morris Weiss''' (born August 11, 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American comic book and comic strip artist and writer. Active from the 1930s through the mid-1970s, he created the teen (teenager)-comedy character "Margie" for Timely Comics, the 1940s predecessor of Marvel Comics, and was the final cartoonist on the comic strip ''Mickey Finn (Mickey Finn (comics))''. He also


Handl was born in Maida Vale, London, the daughter of an Austrian banker father and French (France) mother. She took to acting at the relatively advanced age of 36, and studied at the acting school run by the sister of Dame Sybil Thorndike. She made her London stage debut in February 1937 and appeared in over a hundred British films (Cinema of the United Kingdom) in supporting roles, mostly comedy character parts such as slightly eccentric mothers, grannies, landladies and servants. Among many stage appearances, she played Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest in 1975, directed by Jonathan Miller. She died in Kensington in 1987 and is buried at the Golders Green Crematorium. In January 2003, Paradis hosted a diplomatic event called the Ottawa Initiative on Haiti (Ottawa Initiative). At this meeting, representatives from Canada, France, the United States of America, and the Organization of American States discussed Haiti's political future. No representatives of the Haitian government were present. A few months later, journalist Michel Vastel leaked information about the meeting that he said was given to him by Paradis. Writing in ''L'Actualite'', Vastel claimed that the delegates decided that Haitian President (President of Haiti) Jean-Bertrand Aristide should be replaced by a United Nations trusteeship within a year. Paradis has denied Vastel's claim. Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

United States

schedule had previously been pioneered through the short-lived ''A. Piker Clerk'' by Clare Briggs, but it was ''Mutt and Jeff'' as the first successful daily comic strip that staked out the direction of the future trend. '''Ed Wynn''' (November 9, 1886 – June 19, 1966) was a popular American (United States) comedian and actor noted for his ''Perfect Fool'' comedy character, his pioneering radio show of the 1930s, and his later career as a dramatic actor. ref name

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