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events, including Cinema Against AIDS galas in Cannes, Dubai, and Toronto; annual gala events in New York and San Francisco; and TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art, held in Dallas. In his research, Sahraian has drawn the road map of Bin-Ladan organization's money laundering. From collection stage on the streets, up to converting to consumable items, smuggled to Iran via Dubai, laundered at loan & savings non banking establishments, changed to hard currency and landing to the offshore banks. Annual amount of US$: 11.8 Billion Dollars. Alexis lives in Hamburg, Germany and works as a full-time singer. She does many live performances every year, mainly for fancy gala dinner events. By now she has performed in almost every country worldwide, including Canada, Dubai, Turkey, Kenya, Spain, Italy or Greece. In Asia Working units of the game have been found in certain arcades in Asia. The arcade on the top floor of the Sogo building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is known to have a working unit, costing RM1 (two tokens, one token costs RM0.50) to play. Another unit was found at an amusement arcade at a shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. As of 2008, more units have turned up in Malaysia and the game is becoming increasingly common in amusement centers around the country. Several units can also be found in arcades in Hong Kong and Singapore. In Dubai, U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates), there used to be at least one unit available at Magic Planet, an indoor theme park located at the Deira City Centre, but today another unit is now available at the Sega Republic, an indoor theme park located in Dubai Mall (The Dubai Mall) also their used to be one in kuwait green island park. Commons:Category:Dubai Wikipedia:Dubai Dmoz:Regional Middle East United Arab Emirates Dubai

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