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Chetwynd, British Columbia

report from mayor * Chetwynd Public Library * School District 59 * Peace FM, 55 CHET TV * Coffee Talk Express * Calverley Collection (historical documents) * Discover the Peace Country – Chetwynd * Chetwynd Echo Newspaper


submarine ''Le Souffleur'', the British freighter ''Alice B'' which sank during the civil war in the 80's, The ''Macedonia'' freighter which sank in 1962 and the ''National Star'' freighter in 1991, the Mediterranean flagship of Admiral Sir George Tryon ''HMS Victoria'' which sank in 1893, The British ''Lesbian'' which sank during WWII, make just a few of Beirut's shipwreck collection. Historical cities dot ancient Phoenicia' s shore, providing us today with many interesting submerged historical sites

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