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baseball team Japan national team in the 2006 World Baseball Classic. Playing for the Central League's Yomiuri Giants (1959–80), Oh set the professional world record for home runs. In 1847, American soldiers played what may have been the first baseball game in Mexico at Parque Los Berros in Xalapa, Veracruz. A few days after the Battle of Cerro Gordo, they used the "wooden leg captured (by the Fourth Illinois regiment) from General Santa Anna (Antonio López de Santa Anna)". Terry (1909), p. 506. The first formal baseball league outside of the United States and Canada was founded in 1878 in Cuba, which maintains a rich baseball tradition and whose national team has been one of the world's strongest since international play began in the late 1930s (all organized baseball in the country has officially been amateur since the Cuban Revolution). The Dominican Republic held its first islandwide championship tournament in 1912. Bjarkman (2004), pp. xxiv. Professional baseball tournaments and leagues began to form in other countries between the world wars, including the Netherlands (formed in 1922), Australia (1934), Japan (1936), Mexico (1937), and Puerto Rico (1938). Bjarkman (2004), pp. 356, 123, 137, xxiv, 11, 233; Gmelch (2006), p. 296. The Japanese major leagues (Nippon Professional Baseball)—the Central League and Pacific League—have long been considered the highest quality professional circuits outside of the United States. McNeil (2000), p. 113. Japan has a professional minor league system as well, though it is much smaller than the American version—each team has only one farm club in contrast to MLB teams' four or five. Wikipedia:Xalapa Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Veracruz Localities Xalapa Commons:Category:Xalapa de Enríquez

Mexico City

). The 2011 Pan American Games were the third Pan American Games hosted by Mexico (the first country to do so) and the first held in the state of Jalisco. Previously, Mexico hosted the 1955 Pan American Games and the 1975 Pan American Games, both in Mexico City. The 2011 Parapan American Games were held 20 days after the Pan American Games have ended. 2009 Cuba again participated in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, playing its first round games in Pool B at Foro Sol

Puerto Rico

politician Georgia House of Representatives '''James Rumsey Beverley''' (June 15, 1894— June 17, 1967, San Juan, Puerto Rico) was a United States lawyer and Attorney General of Puerto Rico. While serving as Attorney General, he also served twice as acting governor of Puerto Rico. Panama competed in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, Playing its games in Pool D at San Juan (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Puerto Rico. After losses to pool host Puerto Rico national


wear for live concerts and in music videos. South Korea competed in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, playing the first round in Pool A in Tokyo. The South Koreans opened the tournament with a 7-0 rout of Chinese Taipei (Chinese Taipei baseball team). South Korea then lost to Japan (Japan national baseball team) in a 14-2 contest shortened to 7 innings by the WBC's early termination rule. In its third game, South Korea


professional. Venezuela competed in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, playing its opening games in Pool C, in Toronto. The Venezuelans secured advancement out of Pool C with a pair of resounding wins over Italy (Italy national baseball team). Along the way, Venezuela also lost a 15-6 slugfest against the United States (United States national baseball team), but won twice against the same team.

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