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and T. It is said that Palamedes, son of Nauplius (Nauplius (mythology)) invented the remaining eleven consonants. Then Hermes reduced these sounds to characters, showing wedge shapes because cranes (common crane) fly in wedge formation and then carried the system from Greece to Egypt*. This was the Pelasgian alphabet, which Cadmus had later brought to Boeotia, then Evander of Arcadia, a Pelasgian, introduced into Italy, where his mother, Carmenta

competitors had four entries in three events spread over two disciplines. None of the Greek athletes won a medal.


, which is characterized by a sandy, desert climate and terrain with little vegetation.

writer and poet.


and ephemeral streams torrent of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, nearly all of its course being within the province of Piacenza. It is a right tributary of the Po River.

. Besides the villa, there are two additional buildings for guests and servants.

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