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Columbus, Ohio

in Congress from 1803 to 1901, with notes and sketches of senators and representatives first William A last Taylor year 1900 publisher the XX Century Publishing Company page 250 url http: books?id BL0UAAAAYAAJ&pg PA250 He came to Ohio as a young man, and was admitted to the bar (Admission to the bar in the United States) at St. Clairsville (St. Clairsville, Ohio) in 1840. In 1848 he moved to Zanesville, where he was president of the Muskingum branch

: - Stewart was born at Johnstown, New York. ref

Dayton, Ohio

publisher Century Publishing and Engraving Company location Chicago page 312-314 url http: books?id Of08AAAAIAAJ&pg PA312 He studied law with his uncle, Vallandigham, and was admitted to the bar (Admission to the bar in the United States) in 1854, forming a partnership with his uncle.


;Greene Jeffrey. Moline, Karen. 2006 (2006) The Bird Flu Pandemic. ISBN 0312360568. Other authors are less certain. Belshe Robert. 2005 (2005) The Origins of Pandemic Influenza. New England Journal of Medicine 353:2209-2211. The virus was first identified in Guizhou. Goldsmith, Connie. 2007 (2007) Influenza: The Next Pandemic? 21st century publishing. ISBN 0761394575 It spread to Singapore in February

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