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Ganja, Azerbaijan

to the warm climate, parks and gardens are open all year long without the need of winter maintenance. The Khan's Garden is the most scenic park and one of the city's most known landmarks. , literally "Azerbaijan Village Agriculture Academy"), also referred to as the Azerbaijan Agricultural Academy (Az. AA), is a public university located in Ganja (Ganja, Azerbaijan), Azerbaijan. The university has eight schools, 3830 students and 560 faculty members. In addition, there is a teaching site in Gazakh with nearly 500 correspondent students. Biography Babadzhanian was born in the family of an Armenian (Armenians) peasant, in the village of Chardakhlu (Çardaqlı, Shamkir) near Yelizavetpol (later Kirovabad, now Ganja (Ganja, Azerbaijan), Azerbaijan), then part of the Russian Empire, attending school there. Ivan Bagramyan, another Armenian Marshal of the Soviet Union, was born in the same village. History During the Soviet period, Azerbaijan was part of the Transcaucasus Military District, whose forces in the republic were commanded by the 4th Army (4th Army (Soviet Union)). The 4th Army (4th Army (Soviet Union)) consisted of three motor rifle divisions (the 23rd Motor Rifle Division (8th Cavalry Corps (Soviet Union)#Postwar) (MRD) at Ganja (Ganja, Azerbaijan), the 60th at Lankaran, and the 295th in Baku) and army troops that included missile and air defense brigades and artillery and rocket regiments. Azerbaijan also hosted the 49th Arsenal of the Main Agency of Missiles and Artillery of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which contained over 7,000 train-car loads of ammunition to the excess of one billion units. In addition, the 75th Motor Rifle Division, part of the 7th Guards Army, was in Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.

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