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, and photo ops, in collaboration with Harold Gauer. They created elaborate campaign shows; in Bloch's 1993 autobiography, ''Once Around the Bloch'', he gives an inside account of the campaign, and the innovations he and Gauer came up with — for instance, the original releasing-balloons-from-the-ceiling shtick. He comments bitterly on how, after Zeidler's victory, they were ignored and not even paid their promised salaries. He ends the story with a wryly philosophical point: Architecture Some

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BurlingtonNC.htm&date 2009-10-26+00:19:23 Ball Parks of the Minor Leagues lists it at 3,000 while Ballpark Digest lists it at 3,500; the team's website does not make a distinction. A boxscore from Opening Night of the 2006 campaign shows a paid attendance of 3,622, so it seems more reasonable to side with the 3,500 capacity

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