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authorities and local residents and used as a material for stone building. Time of Troubles The Time of Troubles for Vologda began with a plague (plague (disease)) epidemic in 1605. In 1608, when Russia was split into areas controlled by Tsar Vasily Shuysky and area controlled by the pretender False Dmitry II supported by Polish troops, the people of Vologda made an oath to False Dmitry. By gaining Vologda not only did he get the control over Russian and English trading


is the second expansion pack, but it can be played as a standalone (wikt:stand-alone). ''Cossacks: Back to War'' adds two new nations (Switzerland and Hungary) to the choices from ''Cossacks: European Wars'' and ''Cossacks: Art of War'' because of their influence on European history. There are also new maps, a tutorial campaign and a map-editor. It adds several units to various countries, new cannon types and alters some parameters such as building time, upgrade and building costs. Early life The son of Charles Philip Coate, an expatriate businessman, Randoll Coate was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. After studying at the Collège de Lausanne he won a scholarship to Oriel College, Oxford, reading French (French language) and German (German language). In 1940 he was commissioned into the Intelligence Corps (Intelligence Corps (United Kingdom)), using his language abilities to interrogate prisoners of war in the "London Cage (MI19)". He also took part in Operation Archery, a commando raid on port Vågsøy, Norway and helped support Greek (Greece) resistance fighters (Greek Resistance) in liberating Kalamata. He has also served as a diplomat in United States, Switzerland, France, Uruguay and Ecuador. Today Cottolengo Fathers, Sisters, and Brothers still work together in activities primarily geared at communicating God's love for the poorest. They are spread out all over the world: Ecuador, India, Italy, Kenya, Switzerland, Tanzania and United States. The track was released as the album's fourth and final international single in mid-2002 (see 2002 in music), with its Maurice's Nu Soul remix serving as the second single of the group's remix album ''This Is the Remix (This Is the Remix (Destiny's Child album))'' (2002), following the Rockwilder remix of "Bootylicious." A moderate chart success in comparison with previous ''Survivor'' singles, its reached the top ten of the Australian Singles Chart (ARIA Charts), as well as the top 30 in Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland. A music video for "Nasty Girl" was directed by Sanaa Hamri. commons:Confoederatio Helvetica

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