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and premiered on November 19, 2004 at The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ''Tremors'', for 4 singers and 16 instrumentalists, commissioned by the Getty Research Institute, premiered on June 4, 2004, at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. "Building music.", ''Getty Research Institute.'' Retrieved September 11, 2008. ''Tremors'' was repeated


Warsaw (Warsaw, Indiana), IN (Indiana), USA (United States) (1977) location Warsaw, IN (Indiana), USA key_people Jeff Binder, CEO Summary View of Warsaw, Poland, looking north at dusk from the viewing gallery of the PKiN (Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science), showing post-WW2 reconstruction. Warsaw is rapidly becoming one of Europe's most high-rise cities, although the Palace of Culture (completed 1955) is still the tallest building. Music by non


building_music.html Building music. ", ''Getty Research Institute.'' Retrieved September 11, 2008. ''Tremors'' was repeated in a Green Umbrella concert at LA’s Walt Disney Concert Hall on November 1, 2004. ''Ghosts & Gargoyles'', a concerto for flute solo (Flute concerto) with flute orchestra (Flute choir), for New Music Concerts, Toronto had its premiere on May 26, 2002. ''Ice Field'', for large orchestral groups and organ, was commissioned by Other Minds for a December

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