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Ashland, Oregon

Jackson (Jackson County, Oregon) government_type leader_title Mayor leader_name John Stromberg established_title Settled established_date 1852 twin1 Guanajuato, Guanajuato

& World Report year 2013 accessdate December 23, 2013 Media The ''Ashland Daily Tidings'' is published Monday through Saturday. The ''Mail Tribune'', a morning daily published Monday through Sunday

in Medford (Medford, Oregon), also serves Ashland. Fifteen radio stations operate in the region around Ashland, including Jefferson Public Radio and KSKQ, an independent non-profit broadcasting at 89.5 FM.

Tigard, Oregon

: local populations pop04.htm Oregon Blue Book Incorporated in 1961, the city is located south of Beaverton (Beaverton, Oregon) and north of Tualatin (Tualatin, Oregon), and is part of the Portland metropolitan area. Interstate 5 (Interstate 5 in Oregon) and Oregon Route 217 are the main freeways in the city, with Oregon Route 99W and Oregon Route 210 serving as other major highways, with rail service provided by the TriMet-operated

at Stanford University *Kaitlin Olson, actress

Baker City, Oregon

; Baker City grew slowly in the beginning. A post office was established on March 27, 1866, but Baker City was not incorporated until 1874.

local cities ad baker.htm Entry for Baker City in the ''Oregon Blue Book'' (Category:Baker City, Oregon) Category:Cities in Oregon Category:County seats in Oregon Category:Populated places established in 1866 Category:1866 establishments in Oregon Category:Cities in Baker County, Oregon Geography right thumb 300px Wallowa–Whitman National Forest (File:Wallowa-Whitman National Forest map.gif), with Halfway at center lower

Orson, Pennsylvania

June 1924 accessdate 17 December 2014 and 1927, Nehantic moved to the western bank of Independent Lake, in Orson, and was an important part of the community's economy ref name "Steffen

Deadwood, South Dakota

and the owner of the 140 acre El Dorado Ranch, in Fullerton, California. Thomas William Herringshaw, ''Herringshaw's American Blue-book of Biography: Prominent Americans of 1926 who have Achieved Success in the Various Civil, Industrial and Commercial Line of Activity'' (American Blue Book Publishers, 1926):451. "Captain Harry Gantz has Developed an 'El Dorado' out of a Badly Treated Ranch", ''Los Angeles Times'' (January 3, 1928):D27. ref>

Grants Pass, Oregon

) , proposed state overlapping Oregon and California References (Category:Grants Pass, Oregon) Category:Cities in Oregon

-Crescent City route, via the Gasquet Toll Road, was a narrow, winding unpaved mountain road with long grades and some remaining plank road in California. Official Automobile Blue Book, Volume Eight, 1918, p. 163 California added its portion to the state highway system in 1919, for the state's third highway bond issue, as an extension of Legislative Route 1 (Legislative Route 1 (California pre-1964)). Howe &

Baraboo, Wisconsin

Lake State Park (Wisconsin) Devil's Lake State Park , the International Crane Foundation, and Aldo Leopold's Shack and Farm (Aldo Leopold Shack and Farm). History The area around Baraboo was first settled by Abe Wood in 1838, and was originally known as the village of Adams. 1929 '' Wisconsin Blue Book '' , p. 629. In 1846 it became the county seat of Sauk County (Sauk County, Wisconsin) after

Redmond, Oregon

for Redmond in the ''Oregon Blue Book'' *Redmond Chamber of Commerce north. Horizon Airlines, SkyWest Airlines (flying as both


radiation detection, some noted in FBI and CIA documents occurring over government nuclear installations at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1950, also reported by Project Blue Book director Ed Ruppelt in his book. * Claimed artifacts of UFOs themselves, such as 1957, Ubatuba, Brazil, magnesium fragments analyzed by the Brazilian government and in the Condon Report and by others. The 1964 Socorro Lonnie Zamora incident also left

Canby, Oregon

* (Category:Canby, Oregon) Category:Cities in Oregon Category:Cities in Clackamas County, Oregon Category:Portland metropolitan area Category:1870 establishments in Oregon ;Road Molalla's principal road links

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