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referred to (by Poles) as "the greatest cavalry battle after 1813" and the last cavalry battle. Life Wróblewski was born in Grodno (Russian Empire, now in Belarus). He studied at Kiev University. After a six-year exile for participating in the January 1863 Uprising (January Uprising) against Imperial Russia, he studied in Berlin and Heidelberg. He defended his doctoral dissertation at Munich University in 1876 and became an assistant professor at Strassburg University. In 1880 he became a member of the Polish Academy of Learning. - GNA UMMG Obukhovo Airport Grodno, Belarus - Interbellum Maczek decided not resume his studies at Lwów University and remained on active service. Between 1921 and 1923 he was commanding officer of an infantry battalion within the Lwów-based 26th Infantry Regiment (Polish 26th Infantry Regiment). On 1 August 1923 he was promoted to lieutenant-colonel (podpułkownik) and sent to the Higher Military School (Wyższa Szkoła Wojenna) in Warsaw. He graduated the following year and served until 1927 as the head of the 2nd Detachment of the General Staff (History of the Polish intelligence services) (intelligence) in Lwów. Later that year he moved to Grodno, where he became the deputy commander of the 76th Infantry Regiment (Polish 76th Infantry Regiment). In 1929, after finishing his training, he became commander of the Grodno-based 81st Infantry Regiment (Polish 81st Infantry Regiment) and held that post until 1934. During that time, on 1 January 1931, he was promoted to colonel (pułkownik). In 1935 he was moved to Częstochowa, where he became the deputy commander of the prestigious 1st Legions Infantry Division (Polish 1st Legions Infantry Division). Curzon's July 1920 proposal differed from the December 19 announcement in two significant ways. WikiPedia:Hrodna commons:Hrodna


occasion on which a British Army unit carried their colours on active service. In 1885 they travelled up the River Nile to Sudan in an unsuccessful attempt to lift the Siege of Khartoum. The battalion was subsequently involved in the defeat of Arab forces at Kirbekan (Battle of Kirbekan). The battle was to be the last time that the South Staffords wore red uniforms in battle. Life Posidippus was born in the city of Pella, capital of the kingdom of Macedon. He lived for some time in Samos before moving permanently to the court of Ptolemy I Soter and later Ptolemy II Philadelphus in Alexandria, Egypt (ancient Egypt). An inscription from Thermon in Aetolia records that he was granted the liberties of that city in 264 3 BC. He was friends with the poets Asclepiades of Samos and Hedylus. Wikipedia:Alexandria Dmoz:Regional Africa Egypt Localities Alexandria commons:الإسكندرية

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