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battle including

Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

'') with Thingwall on Merseyside in order to strengthen the Brunanburh-Bromborough link. Cavill, in Livingston (2011), pp. 327-49 Because the earliest sources in the ''Anglo-Saxon Chronicle'' locate the battle as taking place "ymbe Brunanburh" ("around Brunanburh"), numerous locations on the Wirral near Bromborough have been put forward as the site of the battle, including the Brackenwood Golf Course in Bebington, Wirral.


who died in the battle, including plaques at the Christchurch and Dunedin (Dunedin, New Zealand) railway stations. New Zealand History. The Canadian Corps' participation in the Second Battle of Passchendaele is commemorated with the Passchendaele Memorial located at the former site of the Crest Farm on the southwest fringe of Passchendaele village. Vance (#Reference-Vance) p. 66. Modern DST was first proposed by the New Zealand entomologist George Vernon Hudson, whose shift-work (shift work) job gave him leisure time to collect insects, and led him to value after-hours daylight. Commons:Category:Christchurch WikiPedia:Christchurch Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand Canterbury Christchurch

Saudi Arabia

trailed 3–1 after the first leg in Saudi Arabia, but wins 5–0 in the return leg in South Korea. (Asian Football Confederation) Another, relatively minor, controversy regarded the unopposed looting of still-working Iraqi weapons after the battle, including not only by the U.S. soldiers but also by Saudi (Saudi Arabia) civilians (some of whom then allegedly sold assault rifles on the black market


, amounting to RM417 million in FY2000 2001 and RM836 million in FY2001 2002. With these losses, the airline cut many unprofitable routes, such as Brussels, Darwin (Darwin, Northern Territory), Honolulu, Madrid, Munich and Vancouver. There are many pictorial representations of the battle, including one in the Doge's Palace (Doge's Palace, Venice) in Venice, by Andrea Vicentino on the walls of the ''Sala dello Scrutinio'', which replaced Tintoretto's ''Victory of Lepanto'', destroyed by fire in 1577. A painting by Paolo Veronese is in the collection of the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice and Titian's ''Allegory of the Battle of Lepanto (Allegory of the Battle of Lepanto (Titian))'', using the battle as a background, hangs in the Prado (Museo del Prado) in Madrid. A painting by Filipino painter Juan Luna depicting the Battle of Lepanto is also displayed at the Spanish Senate in Madrid. Rostropovich received many international awards, including the French Legion of Honor and honorary doctorates from many international universities. He was an activist, fighting for freedom of expression in art and politics. An ambassador for the UNESCO, he supported many educational and cultural projects.


199778.stm title Secret village to be pulled down work BBC News date 1998-10-23 accessdate 2009-04-12 It is constructed from a wooden frame of hand-cut Douglas Fir forest thinnings with cordwood infill, and reciprocal frame turf roof based on permaculture principles mainly from local natural resources. It was subject to a lengthy planning battle including a court injunction to force its demolition before finally receiving planning approval for 3 years in September 2008.<


Commons:Category:Iraq WikiPedia:Iraq Dmoz:Regional Middle East Iraq


-wielding phalanxes were vital in every early battle, including the pivotal battle of Gaugamela where the Persian king's scythe chariots (Scythed chariot) were utterly destroyed by the phalanx, supported by the combined use of companion cavalry and peltasts (javelineers). During his later campaigning, Alexander gradually reduced the importance of the phalanx and the sarissa, as he modified his combined use of arms to incorporate 'Asian' weapons and troops, not specifically trained


For AC Nielsen (Asia Pacific)" IT Reseller Online, 2004-10-28 The Dutch submarines escaped, and they resumed the fight on with the Allies, from bases in Australia, such as Fremantle (Fremantle, Western Australia). As a part of the Allied forces, they were on the hunt for Japanese oilers on their way to Japan and the movement of Japanese troops and weapons to other sites of battle (including New Guinea). Because of the significant number of Dutch submarines active

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