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Omaha, Nebraska

, Nebraska Omaha called ''Slowdown (Slowdown (venue))'', in homage to the band. Personal life Healey was born in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida. Her mother, Shirley (Cumming) Murphy (b. 1926) worked as a schoolteacher, and her father, Edward Murphy (1919–2005), was a World War II veteran, later disabled by a heart attack and unable to work. Healey attended Harvard College, graduating with an A.B. in government in 1982. She also earned a Ph.D


in the Liverpool band Personal Column in the late 1970s. PersonalColumn pictures. Accessed: 7 October 2006 In 2006, Moraghan came second in the BBC singing competition ''Just the Two of Us (Just the Two of Us (TV series))''. His singing partner was Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton with whom he sang classic songs like "Islands in the Stream" and "With You I'm Born Again". DATE OF BIRTH 1963-01-27 PLACE OF BIRTH Toxteth, Liverpool, England DATE OF DEATH At the end of the 1960s Emilios Hatjoullis went to become creative director at Brunning's advertising agency in Liverpool. http: 2011 03 fine-doodle-by-mr-emilios-hatjoullis.html For the local Higsons (Higsons Brewery) brewery he created a series of characters called the 'Old Higsonians' named after Liverpool landmarks such as Albert Dock, Penny Lane (Penny Lane (street)), and Ann Field. However, in 1985 the Higson's brewery was bought out by Boddingtons of Manchester and the ad campaign was stopped, leaving a limited number of collectible breweriana merchandise. http: assets applets 06_06_MerseyAleJune_1_.pdf Early years Culshaw was born in Southport, Lancashire, one of at least two children of Percy Ellis Culshaw, a bank inspector, and his first wife, Dorothy ''née'' Royds. He was educated first at Merchant Taylors' School (Merchant Taylors' School, Crosby), Crosby (Crosby, Merseyside), which he despised for its snobbery and its sports-obsessed philistinism. Culshaw (1981), p. 16 His father then sent him to King George V Grammar School (King George V College), Southport. Martland, Peter, "Culshaw, John Royds (1924–1980)", ''Oxford Dictionary of National Biography'', Oxford University Press, 2004; online edition, October 2006, accessed 4 December 2010 When he left school in 1940, aged 16, he followed his father into the staff of the Midland Bank as a clerk, working at a branch in Liverpool. Culshaw (1981), p. 12 He had little aptitude or liking for banking, failing to pass the company's examination in banking theory, and in 1941 he volunteered to join the Fleet Air Arm as soon as he reached the minimum recruitment age in May 1942. Culshaw (1981), p. 19 He trained as a navigator, was commissioned as an officer, and promoted to lieutenant as a radar instructor. Culshaw (1981), pp. 34 and 49 What spare time he had, he devoted to his passionate interest in music. Culshaw (1981), p. 49 Festivals * IPO Festival, Liverpool at The Cavern Club - 2005 * Independent Days Festival (main stage), Bologna - 2004 '''''H.M.S. Fable''''' is the third album by Liverpudlian (Liverpool) band Shack (Shack (band)), released in June 1999 via London Records. It was the band's first album following their reformation after the interest generated by their previous much-delayed album ''Waterpistol (Waterpistol (album))'' and the album by offshoot band The Strands. ''H.M.S. Fable'' was well received by the critics: among the UK music publications, the album was placed at number 2 on both the ''NME'' and ''Uncut (Uncut (magazine))'' critics' poll of the albums of the year for 1999, and number 5 in ''Select (Select (magazine))'' magazine. background group_or_band origin Liverpool, England San Diego, California genre Synthpop Electronic (Electronic music) New Wave (New Wave music) Industrial (Industrial music) Futurepop History After growing up in Liverpool, England, the brothers, following their father's itinerant job, moved to locations such as Montreal and Seattle; in 1979, Commons:category:Liverpool Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Merseyside Liverpool Wikipedia:Liverpool

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