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Topeka, Kansas

, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services (7.2%); construction (6.0%); transportation and warehousing, and utilities (5.8%); and wholesale trade (3.2%). Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association) is the largest insurance employer, with about 1,800 employees. BNSF Railway is the largest transportation employer, with about 1,100. Westar Energy employs nearly 800. About a tenth of the working population is employed in public administration (9.9% ). Major companies based in Topeka: *Westar Energy *Collective Brands (Payless ShoeSource) *CoreFirst Bank & Trust *Capitol Federal Savings Bank *Hill's Pet Nutrition *Sports Car Club of America Arts and culture Religion The Topeka, Kansas (w:Topeka, Kansas)-based church led by Fred Phelps (w:Fred Phelps) sent 6 protestors with picket signs to the memorial service of 49 Ohio (w:Ohio) servicemen killed in Iraq. They were members of the Third Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment of Brook Park, Ohio (w:Brook Park, Ohio), a suburb of Cleveland (w:Cleveland, Ohio).


Lucia , Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. group n name Association * Blue Desert – a desert in Egypt * Kalahari Desert – a desert covering much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa * Karoo – a semi-desert region in South Africa There are also two enigmatic species from the Ediacaran period - ''Ausia fenestrata (Ausia (animal))'' from the Nama Group of Namibia and a second new ''Ausia''-like genus from the Onega Peninsula, White Sea of northern Russia. Results of new study have shown possible affinity of these Ediacaran organisms to the ascidians. Vickers-Rich P. (2007). "Chapter 4. The Nama Fauna of Southern Africa". In: Fedonkin M.A., Gehling J.G., Grey K., Narbonne G.M., Vickers-Rich P. "The Rise of Animals: Evolution and Diversification of the Kingdom Animalia", Johns Hopkins University Press. pp. 69-87 M.A. Fedonkin, P. Vickers Rich, B. Swalla, P. Trusler, M. Hall. (2008). "A Neoproterozoic chordate with possible affinity to the ascidians: New fossil evidence from the Vendian of the White Sea, Russia and its evolutionary and ecological implications". HPF-07 Rise and fall of the Ediacaran (Vendian) biota. International Geological Congress - Oslo 2008. These two organisms lived in the shallow waters of a sea, slightly more than 555-548 million years ago and are likely the oldest evidence of the chordate lineage of metazoans. N * Namibia 21 March (Independence Day, from South African mandate 1990) * Nauru 31 January (Independence from the Australia, NZ, and UK-administered UN trusteeship 1968) 21 March Namibia (Independence Day, from South African mandate 1990) -

Omaha, Nebraska

Association Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska announced plans to build a new 10 story, $98 million headquarters, in the Aksarben Village, completed in Spring 2011. Jordan, S. (January 8, 2009) "Blue Cross building new Omaha headquarters", ''Omaha World-Herald''. Retrieved 1 16 09. Gordmans is also currently building their new corporate headquarters in Aksarben. The other major mixed-use


; Portsmouth (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), NH 6,692,295 - METCO is a state program that buses inner-city Boston students to nearby suburban schools. Many perceived the comments to be comparing poor, mostly African-American children to gorillas. WEEI general manager Tom Baker suspended both hosts for two days, then extended the suspension to two weeks after the Blue Cross-Blue Shield (Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association) (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts) pulled $27,000 in ads

United States

Cross and Blue Shield Association Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. '''LBJ Central Station''' is a DART Light Rail station located in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas (Dallas, Texas), Texas (USA (United States)) at T.I. Boulevard and Markville Drive near the High Five Interchange where 20px (Image:I-635.svg) Interstate 635 (Interstate 635 (Texas)) (LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson) Freeway) and 20px (Image:US 75.svg) US 75 (U.S. Route 75) ( Central Expressway (Dallas

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