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) was a Canadian (Canada) banker. He was the president of the Canadian Bank of Commerce from 1907 to 1924, and a generous patron of the arts, helping to found and nurture many of Canada's cultural and educational institutions, including the University of Toronto, National Gallery of Canada,Champlain Society, Appleby College, Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum. In 1910, King George V (George V of the United Kingdom) knighted Walker

United States

funnier and applicable to that particular concert.... At the break, people paid their money, bought her CDs, and generally gushed about the concert.... All in all, I would definitely go to a house concert again. Marian says she enjoys them the most, and I can see why. They bring people together for one night, often complete strangers, which can sometimes facilitate more lasting friendships. In addition, you get to hear live music and support the independent arts. Helping one person achieve success

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