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Civic Center, San Francisco

(a mosaic dating to 1910), the Circle of Palms Plaza in San Jose (San Jose, California), the site of California's first state capitol, and in front of Colton Hall in Monterey (Monterey, California), the site of the 1849 Constitutional Convention. '''San Francisco City Hall''', re-opened in 1915, in its open space area in the city's Civic Center (Civic Center, San Francisco), is a Beaux-Arts (Beaux-Arts architecture) monument to the City Beautiful movement that epitomized

;ref name nomination architect architecture Late 19th and 20th Century revivals (Revivalism (architecture)) Beaux-Arts

architecture Beaux-Arts designated_nrhp_type February 27, 1987 governing_body Private refnum 78000757 ref

Needles, California

of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway which crosses the Colorado River at this point. The name is derived from the Needles, pointed mountain peaks and the wind-blown holes in them (which can only be seen by boat from the Colorado River), at the south end of the valley. The Railway and the Fred Harvey Company built the elegant Neoclassical (Neoclassical architecture) and Beaux-Arts (Beaux-Arts architecture) style El Garces Hotel and Santa Fe Station in 1908 which

. It is above the Colorado River, a site he passed through on the 1776 Anza expedition, in eastern California. The El Garces Hotel was built by the Santa Fe Railroad under contract with the Fred Harvey Company. It is designed in an elegant Neoclassical (Neoclassical architecture) and Beaux-Arts (Beaux-Arts architecture) style, and the El Garces was considered the "Crown Jewel" of the entire Fred Harvey (Fred Harvey (entrepreneur)) chain. History Schultz launched ''The Ed


and killed Rajapala, placing Rajapala's son Trilochanpala on the throne as a proxy. Jasapala, the last Gurjara-Pratihara ruler of Kannauj, died in 1036. Gurjara-Pratihara art The Gurjara-Pratihara rulers were great patrons of arts, architecture and literature. Notable sculptures of this period, include ''Viswaroopa form of Vishnu'' and ''Marriage of Siva and Parvati'' from Kannauj. Beautifully carved panels are also seen on the walls of temples standing at Osian, Jodhpur Osian


of the buildings dating back to the 16th century ; Condesa is known for its Art Deco architecture, and for being the newest artistic center of the city; Santa Fe (Santa Fe (Mexico City)) is a growing business and financial district (built over old landfills); Roma (Colonia Roma) is a beaux arts (Beaux-Arts architecture) neighborhood and probably one of the oldest in the city; Polanco (Polanco (Mexico)) is an important commercial and economic center

Bel Air, Los Angeles

, Los Angeles Bel Air , California Villas are particularly well represented in California and the West Coast of the United States, where they were originally commissioned by well travelled "upper-class" patrons moving on from the Queen Anne style (Queen Anne style architecture in the United States) Victorian architecture and Beaux-Arts architecture. Italian Renaissance style (Renaissance architecture) Villas fit with the regional Spanish Alta California


i. Developed in France in the late 19th century, Beaux-Arts is a form of neoclassicism that combines ancient Greek and Roman

Lakeside Apartments District, Oakland, California

right 150px Beaux Arts-style (Beaux-Arts architecture) entrance to the Regillus apartment building thumb left 200px The Hill-Castle Apartment Hotel (File:Hill Castle Apartment Hotel.jpg) The entire neighborhood lies within the boundaries of Oakland City Council District 3, represented by longtime West Oakland resident Nancy Nadel, who ran for Mayor of Oakland during the 2006 election, garnering 13% of the popular vote in a three way race with candidates Ignacio Delafuente

Moline, Illinois

Flight Center at JFK International Airport in New York, Dulles International Airport outside Washington, DC, the strictly modern John Deere Headquarters (John Deere World Headquarters) in Moline, Illinois, and the CBS Headquarters (CBS Building) building in New York City. . Quad Cities to LaSalle–Peru U.S. Route 6 crosses the I-74 Bridge from Bettendorf, Iowa south into Moline (Moline, Illinois), concurrent (Concurrency (road)) with Interstate 74. It remains with Interstate 74 for 5 miles (8 km) until the intersection with Interstate 280 (Interstate 280 (Illinois-Iowa)) south of the Rock River (Rock River (Mississippi River)). U.S. 6 then turns east at the Quad Cities International Airport. It intersects Interstate 80 as it leaves the Quad Cities area, and closely parallels I-80 for the rest of its length in Illinois.


.html Tracing Russia's Past and Present in Vologda *PKFHSPKFHS arts architecture vologda 000070 report.htm Detailed information on Spaso-Prilutsky Monastery *Russia

Chicago Loop

thumb left View north from the foot of the Magnificent Mile in the Michigan–Wacker Historic District: the Beaux Arts (Beaux-Arts architecture) Wrigley Building (left) and neo-Gothic (Gothic Revival architecture) Tribune Tower After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, State Street (State Street (Chicago)) (anchored by Marshall Field's) in the downtown Loop (Chicago Loop), especially the Loop Retail Historic District, was the city's retailing center. ref name EoCSDaM

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