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in the vault is its onion-like dome which is adorned by bricks with artistic images and an inscription. The building which used to be a family vault is 14.8 m high and in its famous inscription the deceased have sought divine mercy in their lasting residence. Hashshashin Forts North of the city, along the Cheshme Ali (Cheshmeh-ye Ali, Semnan) and Mazandaran road, there are two forts built on the top of two mountains. The first one is 5 km far from the city, on the peak of Gerdkuh


inspirations, retaliating against “The Inquisition’s” suppression of creativity, literature, and art (Peters 1988: 189). These artistic images have arguably become some of the most long-lasting and effective perpetuators of “The Inquisition” myth. thumb Charles Buxton Going, 1911. (File:Charles Buxton Going.jpg) '''Charles Buxton Going, Ph.B., M.Sc.''' (born Westchester N.Y. (Westchester, New York), April 4, 1863, died in France 1952

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