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year the City Mayor awards the scholarships to the students who have outstanding achievements in studying, scientific and civil activity. Student councils and trade unions operate in Kirovohrad higher educational institution. Students have an opportunity to use them for effective solution of the youth’s problems, consolidation of democratic basis of the Ukrainian society. In 2011 the Youth Council was established under the city Council, the participants of which are the most active young people of our city. The City Students Peace Festival, the Gentleman of the Year Show, the Brain Ring, the KVK Championship are traditionally held in our city. High-quality, available education, as well as high level of preparation of specialists allow students to take part in the Ukrainian and international contests and competitions and win the first prizes. Medicine and medical services The activities of the city health care establishments are aimed at improving the quality of medical aid for the population and using the personnel and financial resources more efficiently. In the city medical care is successfully enforced on the basis of family medicine. This field is reforming with a help of creating new centers for primary medical-sanitary care along with two functioning institutions (municipal institution "Ambulatory of General Practice of Family Medicine" and the Department of General Practice — municipal institution of family medicine "Union of Kirovohrad Polyclinics”). The maternity hospital No. l, which is the regional training centre for implementation of innovative perinatal technologies for obstetricians-gynaecologists, neonatologists, paediatricians, maternity, instrument and mothercraft nurses, works according to World Health Organization standards. This medical establishment has been given titles of “High Quality Medical Service Centre” and “Hospitable Clinic for Mothers and Children” (UNICEF). Among the first in Ukraine the regional prenatal center was opened in 2012 at the Regional Hospital in the framework of the National Project “New life is a new quality of maternity and childhood care" which provides medical care for pregnant women with serious obstetric pathology. The first private medical and pharmaceutical company established in our city is Private Treatment-and-Diagnostic Centre ACINUS Co. A full profiled St. Luke’s Hospital, which is also a part of this company, is outfitted with the most up- to-date medical equipment. It is the only private medical establishment in Ukraine which has been given a status of a clinic. Kirovohrad Regional Oncology Dispensary which provides specific oncology-related aid to the residents of the city and the region is the city’s best medical establishment and the one of Ukraine’s best oncology-related establishments. This establishment has achieved such a high level of medical services due to profes-sionalism of its highly skilled specialists, modern equipment and implementation of innovative treating methods. The dispensary treats more than seven thousand patients and makes more than three thousand complicated surgeries every year. Theatrical art In 1882 the first Ukrainian professional theatre was founded in Kirovohrad. Its founder was Marko Kropyvnytsky, the brilliant actor, director and playwright. By the play “Natalka Poltavka” he announced to the world the maturity and originality of Ukrainian theatrical culture. Its 130th birthday in October, 2012 the Kirovohrad Regional Ukrainian Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after M. Kropyvnytsky celebrated in a rebuilt building. Its walls haven’t seen so much audience and applause for a long time. The event is really unique not only for Kirovohrad but for the whole country. After the renovation it is the first theatre built in the time of independent Ukraine. The theatre scrupulously honours the memory of the founders of the Ukrainian theatrical art — M. Sadovsky, I. Karpenko-Karyi, P.Saksahansky, M. Zankovetska. The heritage of these men of genius gives force to the modern troupe, whose calling card are the plays “Natalka Poltavka”, “Sorochynskyi Fair”, “Match-Making in Honcharivka”. Every year the theatre invites the leading art companies of the country to Khutor Nadia, “the capital of Ukrainian dramaturgy” and the reserve museum of I.Tobilevych (Karpenko-Karyi), for the national festival “Veresnevi Samotsvity”. Recreation areas The city offers a variety of areas for recreation, health improvement and educational excursions. Much attention is paid to development of parks, public gardens and squares. A pedestrian zone status makes Dvortsova Street the most popular place of the evening rendezvous. It is the street of small cafes, restaurants and shops and music which sounds here almost round — the clock. Most often the scales are heard from the windows of Music and Arts Faculty of the State Pedagogic University named after V. Vynnychenko in which the future virtuosos improve their artistic skills. The lungs of the city is the Arboretum — a picturesque island with an attractive green zone landscape and various amusements. Its special feature is 100 thousand tulips which in spring gladden the eyes of all those who want to see the “Kirovohrad wonder”. The reputation of the favourite place of recreation is gained by the culture and recreation park “Kovalyvskyi". “The Arts Weekends”, the people walking, sports competitions, entertaining performances etc. are held here. The greatest children's playground has been built on money which was gained for victory of Kirovohrad team in the Ukrainian project “Maidans”. The Kirov Square is always crowded. Branchy trees, picturesque flowerbeds and fountains make the people enjoy themselves comfortably. Bogdan Khmelnitskyi Square and a public garden where the monument of the Great Kobzar Taras Shevchenko was built, are the places where local and national holidays are celebrated. A real adornment of the city and a favorite place of the wedding couples is a European type square in front of the Kirovohrad City Hall. Four stadiums, a range of sports grounds and tennis courts offer their services to inhabitants and guests of Kirovohrad. An aquatic sports base, a swimming pool and “SLAIZ" skating-rink guarantee high spirits and holiday recreation to all the visitors. The cinemas “Zorianyi" and "Portal" offer newest movies. Centre of folk choreography Kirovohrad is truly considered the capital of Ukrainian choreography. Traditions started by the “Yatran” group and its leader people’s artist of Ukraine Anatoliy Kryvokhyzha are successfully continued by the collectives well-known outside the city — Academic theatre of music, song and dance “Zoryany”, People’s Choreographic Group “Prolisok, Exemplary Choreographic Group “Nadiya”, choreographic groups “Rosynka”, “Metelytsya”, the people’s amateur group of ballroom dances “Konvaliya”, the school of choreographic art of the Kirovohrad city council “Aelita”, dance theatre “Visiting a Fairytale”. Concert programmes of these creative groups are the synthesis of collection, study and artistic processing of the folk melos, the folklore of world’s nations and the creative experience of the leading artists of Ukraine. Among their achievements are recognition, victories in the international, republican festivals, competitions, numerous prizes, performances on the best stages of Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic countries, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Holland, Japan, Morocco, Italy, Greece. The achievements of the group “Prolisok” have given the opportunity to open the department of choreographic studies at Kirovohrad State Pedagogic university named after Volodymyr Vynnychenko, and later on the regional general secondary educational complex of humanitarian-aesthetic profile. The reputation of the city as centre of dance and choreography has been confirmed by the triumph of Kirovohrad team in the Ukrainian national project “Maidan’s” — the grand dance show on the main square of the country — Independence Square. Kirovohrad has deservedly won an honorary title of Dance Capital of Ukraine and was awarded one million hryvnias for construction of modern and safe playgrounds for children. The team succeeded under the leadership of the young talented choreographer Oleksandr Leshchenko. During a triumph show dedicated to the winners a new world record was established — 14585 spectators and choreographic groups members were dancing simultaneously on the stadium of FC Zirka. This record was documented by the representative of Guinness Book of Records in Ukraine. Sports There are 48 kinds of sports which are popular in Kirovohrad and 14 sports centres for kids and a school of high sportsmanship where 5 thousand children go in for sports. In our town modern sports-grounds with synthetic flooring are built in the sports-club “Energo-Sport” and in the school “Mriya”; there is also a skateboarding zone in the Kovalivskiy recreation park, the Street Workout in Permska Street, and the first in our region cycle track opened in Kirovohrad. Great attention is paid to the development of sports among children. As a result, young Kirovohrad sportsmen demonstrate high results in national and international competitions: Olha Sviderska, Anastasia Mysnyk, Yevhen Zinoviev are silver medallists of the XIV Paralympics in London; Anna Tovsta, Iryna Tereshchenko are silver medalists of the XXII Summer Deaf Olympics in Bulgaria; Tetyana Tereviatnykova is the teakwood champion of the world championship; Olena Demydova is the multiple medalist of cycle racing European championships; Anastasia Kelar is the bronze medalist of the European weightlifting youth championship. In 2013 Dmytro Yakovenko (high jumping), Bohdan Basko (chess), Olexander Kostyk, Sergiy Fomin (shooting), Olena Gutsan, Ksenia Fedotova (cycle racing), Dmytro Kapinus (athletics), Yana Zdir (climbing), Iryna Maksymova, Julia Prudyus (powerlifting) became the national champions. In team sports our town is professionally presented by the baseball club “KNTU Elizavetgrad” which 16 times became the national champion and 15 times became the owner of Ukrainian sports cup, the football team “Zirka” which is the regular participant of the Ukrainian football championship of the Second League; basketball clubs such as Elizavet-Basket (the silver medalist of the First League of the National Basketball Championship among women) and the basketball team “Kirovohrad”, Alina Yagupova was recognized as the best young basketball player of Europe. Bridges of friendship Kirovohrad maintains economic and cultural relations with near and far foreign countries. We use best practice, new technologies and we are ready to share our achievements. Kirovohrad has long-term friendly relations with some Russian cities, especially with Moscow and Vologda. Many joint projects have been implemented together with Lower Silesia province of the Republic of Poland. The Charity Foundation “Humanitarian Aid to Eastern Europe” favoured establishing close friendship between Kirovohrad and Bremerhaven (Germany). Many collectives from Germany, Poland, Slovenia, and Serbia come to our city to take part in the international festivals, such as “Art unites children” and “Children of Europe under one roof”. The Kirovohrad city mayor Oleksandr Sainsus often represents our state in the Congress of local and regional authorities in Europe as a member of the Ukrainian delegation, creating new opportunities for further development of partnership and collaboration with cities in other countries. Climate Kirovohrad is located in the central region of Ukraine. Kirovohrad's climate is moderate continental (Continental climate): cold and snowy winters, and hot summers. The seasonal average temperatures are not too cold in winter, not too hot in summer: Commons:Category:Kirovograd Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Kirovohrad Oblast Kirovohrad


Winter Youth Olympics , a youth sports festival in the tradition of the Olympics. It became a finalist in November 2008, but ultimately lost to Innsbruck, Austria. Kuopio's image as a small city with a large University and many active young people was considered a model of what the International Olympic Committee seeks for the Games. Innsbruck and Kuopio Make Final Shortlist For 2012 Youth Olympic Winter Games *KalPa (ice hockey) *KuPS (football (football (soccer))) *Kuopion Taitoluistelijat (Figure Skating) *Puijon Hiihtoseura (skiing, ski jumping, nordic combined, biathlon) *Puijon Pesis (pesäpallo) *Kuopion Reippaan voimistelijat (gymnastics) *Finland Ice Marathon (ice skating event) *Kuopio Steelers (american football) *Kuopio Skating club, Kuopion Luisteluseura KuLs (figure skating) International relations WikiPedia:Kuopio commons:Kuopio


compacted with the Maronites in Lebanon, and the fact that most of development projects took place in Beirut or the regions surrounding it, which somewhat had a positive outcome since many active young people travelled abroad looking for better opportunities. In the 1960s and 1970s West Africa received the bulk of emigrants from South Lebanon, especially the Senegal, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leon, Cameroon, and Zaire, therefore providing them with opportunities to build wealth and political


December 2009 '''Republic''' (''Respublika'') is a parliamentary group in Belarus which opposes the administration of President Alexander Lukashenko. In legislative elections (elections in Belarus) held between October 13–17, 2004, the group did not secure any seats. The organization was created in order to unite politically and socially active young people of different views. The political specter of the organization is conservative, with a clear orientation toward national values. Activity for the period October 2008–2010: Conducting of a series of street actions and pickets dedicated to victims of political repressions in Belarus, in Minsk (action in memory of the missing ex-Minister on Internal Affairs Jury Zakharanka, action in memory of deceased human rights activist Jana Palyakova) and in different cities of the country (Solidarity Days), art-performance on the anniversary of adopting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, action against violent military drafts, pickets in protest against the results of the referendum of the year 1996, hanging of the national white-red-white flags on the roofs of buildings in the central streets of Minsk and the regions, participation in mass street actions and demonstrations organized by Belarusian opposition structures (Day of Freedom -2009, Charnobylsky Shlyakh-2009), conducting of voluntary street actions aimed at cleaning up the territory of the city; action-performance “Throw at me if you don’t like the regime!” on December 2, 2009. Commons:Category:Belarus Wikipedia:Belarus Dmoz:Regional Europe Belarus


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